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I live in Australia. I plan to have both November 4th and 5th off. So i can watch the day unfold and laugh at the saltmines afterwards

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I have been trying to think of any others but i think you have it about right. Tucker, Gutfield, Ingram and any time Bongino subs.

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Hang on this gets worse and worse. Obviously gay Muslim brother sent to US to get away from bad (gay?) influences. To his sister to ...... what exactly. Un-gay him? How? To marry him and ...... ? How would she un-gay him when they were married if they were Muslims?

Sounding very much like her parents had a gay son and feared him being killed for being a gay Muslim and sent him to him sister to sort out and her way to do that was to marry and screw him.

That is what it sounds like to me and all under anonimity and a sham marriage to make it look okay. All kinds of sick.

She needs to be deported to Somali with a crowd announcing her as an adulteress

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Why is he the only one fighting? I trust in Trump but he is only one man. Through bloody-mindedness and sheer force of will he has achieved as much as he has. But mostly without back up and taking all the crap. Its not enough for his party to rally around him on impeachment. They should be doing dawn raids on all on the Dem side of the ledger that lied to Congress

EDIT: and that should only be the start

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"We are definitely going to win in November and will be able to do x y and z for you then. We need you do do a b or c for us,leading up to the election, against Trump"

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I am really sorry but if the answer to sedition and corruption and the like is that that they get to do this and flaunt it with the knowledge and understanding that nothing will be done, then the answer is NO not nearly good enough and the American people deserve more and better treatment.

They have thumbed their noses and called your buff and you backing away just emboldens them. Now is the time to figuratively go at them with baseball bats and beat them into submission. Have them very afraid for every transgression real and imagined and round them all up.

Otherwise you may as well not pretend that there is law and consequence.

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I am sorry but the answer cannot be that the other side gets to use this to run roughshod over us and our side has no counter If their rationale is "Ha, what are you going to do? Burn it down? Shut up. we will do what we like" the only answer is to call their bluff.

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I have said this for the last 8 years

Classical Liberals want to discuss ideas and have debate Progressives are Authoritarian. There is no use pretending Progressives have a difference of opinion They want you and your family quiet and in fear

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Hear hear.

The US DOJ help make this issue and hide it from Americans and now they are trying to cover it up pretending they are doing stupid Americans a favour.

Really condescending and corrupt. This needs to be taken out of their hands.

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It allows me to take stock of why and what I am doing and focusing my energy. Am I supporting Trump because I figure he will get half of Congress indicted....or even show shame? Because he will clear out the swamp entirely? Because we will feel justice?


That is not to say this has all been for nothing but that stuff that happened including the deep state meddling, the lies, the biased court trying to hurt Page, Flynn, Mannafort and Stone? There is no justice to be sought there.

That is far from saying that they have all gotten away with things and it is a loss but we have to be realistic.

The Left/Progressives/Establishment/Globalist Elites/Deep state are all inherently intermingled. For years they consolidated their power irrespective of who was in government and it was about the only game to play in town. Look at the hit on credibility he has bought to bear on the Media and the deep State and the Democrat. Look at Hollywood and woke culture generally get maligned.

Power is getting siphoned and that IS important. The Western World had two leaders it looked up to and they dictated the one Western World culture. That was Obama and Merkle. They all fed at the same trough. Like him or hate him, America's influence flows out. How much further will his great influence change things in 4 years? As much as you would like? Enough?

We have to elect him for what he HAS done and what he CAN do and not be forlorn when the Durham report does not live up to hype.

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Comey dodged a bullet too because maybe other charges coming in Durham. Oh and Hillary dodged the email thing from Comey because he wanted her to win

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Spare me your idiocy. We have one job, get this man re-elected. We do that by being honest in our expectations and about why what Trump is doing and in supporting the man. That is it.

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No. I think this is some of the problem is that it is easy to ride on wins and to stand up against something when everyone else is and to be a beggar at the bowl of unrealistic expectation. To be realistic and still support and stand up is harder.

Is Trump wrong to stand up against the Democrats and Media and Deep State even when hew knows the grief he will cop and that the best he can do is expose their efforts and that they will get away with whatever they do? I think it makes it more important and more noble an enterprise. I think that he should be rewarded. There is really only one way to reward him and that is at the ballot box

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Hillary will be the candidate.

This kind of thing is a turnoff for Progressives,

Pete has a bad rep with Black voters, Sanders will get screwed,

Biden is useless and getting in his own way.

Warren is falling. Her last ditch effort was the Sanders sexism accusation that did not take. She has become Kamala take 2

There is also someone running called Amy

Brokered convention, is going to happen so here comes her third defeat

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Liberals, fine. Progressives can stay with their party as it sinks

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