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Who cares though? A handful of people upvoted it. You were so mad about it you had to complain like a bitch. Fucking faggot internet-police wannabe motherfucker, get a life

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You're a whining faggot. Go fuck yourself, leftist. "No one likes this nobody likes this reeeeee no one likes this waaaahhh"

Get the fuck over yourself, you fucking redditor meme-police faggot

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Just related to covid lol

Basically truth censorship. Regular old racism is fine

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45 days. We just have to turn the cheek for 45 days. Not even two months. Defend yourself if you absolutely have to, of course.

The media will always keep lying about Trump, but if we can avoid giving them ANY footage they can take out of context about Trump voters that will help a lot. Let the violent left throw their tantrums. Call the police and press charges if they break a law but just keep your cool as much as humanly possible until Trump wins

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I found it on netflix to see for myself but couldn't bring myself to actually watch it. I started scrolling the play cursor across the bar but after what I had already heard was in it, I just backed out before it really played anything. I've seen it confirmed that there was nudity and very graphic sexual scenes so I realized I didn't need to actually look at that. I've seen enough screenshots and clips with the confirmation that it goes further so I'll just trust the many, many people who say it goes way too far. Cancelled my NF and I hope they get fucked

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