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When the bears got blown out back to back, giving up 50+ points to the packers then patriots was the end for me. I stopped watching at halftime of the packers game and never went back. With the exception of the 4th quarter & ot of the patriots falcons superbowl I haven't watched a minute of football since 2014.

I was very hooked, too. Spent thousands going to games at soldier field. I won a lot of fantasy leagues. I've still got quite a few jerseys in the back of my closet.

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The easiest argument is to use government anti vaping propaganda. The chemicals inhaled by a vaping adult are super addictive and cause cancer. Those same chemicals injected into children are completely harmless and to suggest otherwise makes me a conspiracy theorist.

You haven't lived until you've seen someone injured by a vaccine.


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Fredo can kiss my ass. But he's already had chinavirus. Wearing a mask would be the worst type of virtue signal. Like being forced to put gas in a car you've crashed.

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I started smoking 24 years ago and quit 13 years ago. You can do it! Don't wait!

Election day isn't the day you want to do it. Do it on a random Friday in the middle of October (today). Don't worry about what you're going to do after dinner or driving home, you'll find something different.

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I don't often watch teevee news and this one really stuck with me. I always loved cabelas from the first time I got their catalog in the 1990s. Sasse is just another DC swamp creature hoping to get and keep power for himself.

10 minutes long and the payoff comes in the last few seconds.


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1994 was the last thing they did that was remotely popular. And even then, that album only had 2 good songs - hooligans holiday and misunderstood.

With no competition from napster, youtube, spotify, etc that album could only eek out gold.

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"School to prison pipeline."

When evil white people are forced to subsidize the education of non-whites. Instead of listening, taking notes, reading, asking questions, and engaging in discussion like their evil white peers, some non-whites commit crimes and (gasp!) get punished for their actions.

Stupid covert and socially acceptable white supremacists.

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Buy good quality chicken tenderloins. Dip in a mixture of mostly flour with a good amount of salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika. You'll need more of each spice than you expect to get the flavor you want. Now put coated tenderloins in a buttermilk & egg wash so all seasoning is coated. Then dip again in the flour mixture.

Cook them in preheated oil at 375 degrees for 4 minutes 30 seconds, flipping half way.

The oil will go from clear to dark after 6 or 7 uses and once it's too dark it really doesn't make for nice looking food.

And when you buy a fryer, buy a good one and clean it like new after each use. Once you figure out how to make french fries, you'll never want them any other way. There is no going back.

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Downstate. Got away from the suburbs before the last election and hopefully out of illinois before 2024.

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Instead of genocide, remove the liability protection afforded to the manufacturers?

Instead of genocide, take out the poison in the magic shots?

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I was at a wedding today in illinois.

I don't wear masks. Masks were required for attendance at the outdoor wedding.

It took some time, but slowly those around me started not wearing theirs. Eventually it was just a handful of my (commie) relatives wearing them. It was the ones I hadn't seen since Christmas and I knew for a fact they would be wearing them at all times.

All you can do is be an example. When people see you smiling and laughing constantly, it is contagious. Masks = misery.

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It would be a shame if you were in a grocery store and we're just so hungry you had to eat something in your cart.

If you're indebted to the store, they're legally obligated to take your cash as legal tender.

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The only thing that matters is guilt.

The important cases are the people she railroaded and kept in prison to exploit their slave labor.

Prison is punishment for crime. If these folks committed the crimes they were accused off then prison was the right place for them to be.

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Best suppliments you'll ever buy. You're really missing out if you take suppliments and aren't getting them from AJ.

X2, ultimate fish oil & bodease are my favorites.

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I thought quid pro joe won the first hour or so because he kept begging for rope to hang himself with and President Trump wouldn't give it to him. The president interrupted way too much.

I thought President Trump wiped the floor with him after the first hour.

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If you open up and start eating some of the food, they'll have a harder time booting you. And since you're in debt to them, they must accept cash as payment.

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