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Because she's not a commie

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That's because people are wearing their masks.

Also, covid is coming back because people aren't wearing their masks!!!

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I actually never saw any of those. Does anyone have a link?

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Exactly. We should be able to discuss any and all influence on the USA.

That said, I will downvote low-effort "haha jews bad" post. I'll upvote posts that raise good questions though,

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Yeah as far as I can tell, jews are doing pretty well in the world these days

The holocaust was horrific and I have nothing against jews but when I see this idea that they can never be criticized or talked about at all, it makes me question why.

It's a pretty demonstrable fact that the more devout and zealous jews see themselves as some kind of chosen people and better than me, that the "goys" exist to benefit them, but if I acknowledge that fact, I get called the bigot. It makes no sense.

Every kind of person or race or group or whatever should be a permissible target for criticism or ridicule.

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Why is it OK to criticize muslims but not jews, if both want to take over the world? Nobody can ever answer this directly. Please help me understand

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They gotta tell the sheep, so the sheep don't watch the video.

"Yeah well commiepropaganda.com said this was deboonked"

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"this claim is false. They are not suitcases. They are large storage containers with wheels, therefore no laws have been broken"

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"gosh guys but yikes and wow im sure seeing a lot of raycissism and hate-speeches I'm very concerned lets not be rayciss now"

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Oh, so judaism isn't a religion then. What are synagogues then?

*Oh this is Reddit now, where we just downvote hard questions like little faggots and don't answer them? Yeah I thought so.

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If we can talk about how muslims want to dominate the world, then why can't we talk about how jews want to dominate the world?

Seriously, can someone please explain?

*Reddit is here apparently, because faggots can downvote but can't answer

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The Earth will experience communism run by a computer soon. One gigantic AI controlling absolutely everything on the face of this planet and it will be programmed to eradicate individuality, joy, and any kind of organic free thought produced by a fleshy human brain.

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I'm in AZ and it makes no fucking sense this state went blue.


No way

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