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No matter what, Kyle Rittenhouse deserves to be free, I don't care what courts say, armed brothers need to take a stand

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I mean, this gaping faggot is more than welcome to try to put me in prison...I've got a feeling all that's going to happen is I'll find out what it's like to beat a gaping faggot named Keith Olbermann to death with my bare hands

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Beta males with money are a rare commodity my guy, most of these women tend to be single and miserable the rest of their lives

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I, personally, will laugh the entire way because of how far the trans crazies have taken things

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My statement isn't demoralized dipshit, it's the truth, police aren't your friend and they're all complicit

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It would have made more sense to show up armed at the police station he's being held at and not allow police in or out

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My questions is...how many of these men and women will show up when the faggot police show up and "just follow orders" to arrest the owner? Any police officer complicit in breaking their oath should be shot...PERIOD

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Dude, the the reason why Cuckerberg wants government regulation is because for every single regulation the government puts in there, it makes it harder for smaller businesses to compete against them because you've got to hire lawyers for each regulation, which is incredibly expensive. An established business like Facebook can deal with this because they've already got lawyers on staff, but say a Parler couldn't deal with this as easily because lawyers are very expensive.

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Disagree my guy, if they're doing something like a cute dog or something, that's just being a dick, now if you see them outside something political, you should go up and just start shouting fake news or calling out Hunter Biden's crimes just to make their job unbearable.

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Holy shit, that's some REAL BIG DICK ENERGY from O'Keefe! I love the fact that instead of "taking the high road" like cucks like Ben Shapiro might say to do, he just rubbed that upper middle class white cunt's nose right in it!

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More like MCAB, most cops are faggy fatasses that are "just following orders" to get at their tax payer funded pensions...why I don't shed any tears whenever one of those dickheads takes a bullet

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Muslims literally go around saying that they're going to sneak into our countries and then try to turn them into shithole Muslim countries, but the media doesn't cover it...why would you think that they'd EVER show ANY ethical integrity?

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Man, it's almost like there's a LARGE group of people that are a drain on any country they inhabit, including the one they're naturally from

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Well that's because Tulsi is a giant cunt who voted "present" instead of "no" for impeachment showing that once again, a woman in leadership doesn't have the balls to enact any real change.

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