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how does this sound to you? ACB wrote an opinion that states NON-VIOLENT FELONS HAVE 2A RIGHTS. she would be one huge positive vote to hear 2A cases everytime in our favor because the SCOTUS has been half-assing on taking big 2A cases for the whole 200+ years of our country other than heller and mcdonald.

That silence has left key aspects of the Second Amendment’s scope unsettled, and gave Barrett an open field in which to work. So what does that tell us about her? Barrett praised Antonin Scalia, for whom she once clerked at the Supreme Court, at the White House on Saturday, telling the audience, “His judicial philosophy is mine too.” Her writings in Kanter proves how much her approach to constitutional law resembles his. Barrett’s dissent is a dense, historical review of how the founding generation viewed felony offenses and gun ownership. It mirrors Scalia’s own majority opinion in Heller, which laboriously reviewed the history of gun ownership in Anglo-American law.


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thanks! he kept fucking spamming all the ACB posts with ridiculous bullshit (citing CNN FFS) talking about why she is so terrible like Q-tard level bullshit about her kidnapping her 2 black children and abusing all her children.

i mean i can understand BEFORE the announcement we can have a debate about her. but now she is the nominee why the fuck would our side try to destroy the nominee just like the left does?

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boris johnson is a CUCK. he needs to be imprisoned for treason. wtf is the conservative party doing in the UK? mind as well be jeremy corbyn as PM.

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lagoa is an unknown entity. she has only one month of federal appeals court experience because the china virus lockdown shut down her courthouse until sept 2020. she was confirmed in dec 2019 and was supposed to start hearing cases and making decisions in march 2020. that never happened. lagoa has zero 2A or abortion or immigration cases rulings while ACB has a shitload of cases that she wrote or agreed to like when she wrote that all non-violent felons have 2A rights!

souter and o'connor were the last justices who were picked with ONLY STATE COURT EXPERIENCE. look how that worked out. if lagoa was the pick she would have about 3 weeks of federal court experience and 15 years of state court experience.

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ACB is anti-obamacare btw. she has been on record saying why the ruling was complete shit and she said it not as a neutral observer. she said it was a terrible decision.

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alright i hear ya.

i think the catholic church hierarchy is one of the most corrupt pedo-enabling shit there is on the earth.

but i'm talking about the laypersons that many protestants unfairly attack, many of whom do not like the current communist pope. in fact i think if francis not only stays in power but he replaces everybody around him and future popes as communist like him there will be a huge schism eventually in the catholic church.

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WTF is a non-citizen doing talking about voting in america?

megan markle is one thing. but harry??? is he an american citizen now?

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my bad. but you can see how that sounded like you want me to anally penetrate cucks for their pleasure and my pleasure, right?

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prepare for a massive alt-right backlash against ACB because they believe all SCOTUS justices must be white men and they are really triggered that she has 2 black children and a special needs child that she refused to abort (she discovered his condition while she was pregnant).

the triggered alt-righters who always REEE about 'da jooooz' are just as cancerous as the left

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there is more anti-catholic bigotry by protestants than vice versa. i mean that wasn't the case 500 years ago but that is how it is now. stop living in the 1500s.

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'bostock' was fucking terrible though. i support the ruling halfway on the gays and lesbians because that still means that they interpret sex/gender to only be TWO GENDERS if gays/lesbians were the only ones ruled to have workplace discrimination protections. but when gorsuch also wrote that all trannies/76 genders now have the fucking same protections as gays and lesbians was when he went a step too far.

i like gorsuch on pretty much all rulings but the tranny half of the 'bostock' ruling. kavanaugh OTOH i have been very impressed with overall. in 2020 he finally fully detached from the whole 'vote with the majority on everything so i don't have to write an opinion' thing that most rookie justices do in their first year on the court so they don't rock the boat and this year he has been rock solid on every case.

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got deleted because you're an anti-semitic sack of shit, HAHAHAHHA.

also all your concern trolling crap about ACB has been removed, HAHAHAHAH

now kindly get the fuck out of here

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fuck off robert barnes cocksucker.

btw, how can we read your post? log out of your account and try to read your post/comment right here:


now GTFO here, you robert barnes cocksucker

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i'm so glad the POTUS is going to start talking about the $3.5B bribe from the wife of the mayor of moscow a thousand times like he talks about the 33,000 emails of hillary and the $150B of bribes obama paid to iran for the nuclear 'deal'. POTUS needs to talk about hunter biden a thousand times during the debates.

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no wonder he has cancelled all campaign events since thursday.

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oh great...you're another robert barnes cocksucker. you do realize that barnes is a liberal democrat who is employed by bloomberg news, right? and you do realize that barnes is such a shitty lawyer that alex jones had to fire him in the middle of the sandy hook lawsuit trial, right?

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'great' doesn't necessarily mean amazing or positive. 'hitler was a great man' doesn't mean hitler was a force for good or positive. it can mean they were great like they were larger than life and a hugely influential person.

just because great in MAGA means positivity it doesn't mean the word 'great' is always the same meaning

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