Anaconda 2 points ago

he was praising jesus to the people on the streets!!!

Anaconda 1 point ago

what i want to know are the damn deaths numbers and infected numbers from china from feb 15 to present day. the chicoms stopped fucking updating all of a sudden around feb 15 and nobody in the media said a fucking thing about it.

i mean yeah it's nice to hear the truth about how they covered it up from november to early february but i don't see anybody fucking at least estimating how many died and were infected in china since feb 15. according to the WHO and china they only had 4,000 coronavirus deaths. that is a laughable number.

Anaconda 4 points ago

i guess according to these retards when you are under 10 years old you are magically immune and you also can't spread the coronavirus. and good luck getting middle school through high school kids to actually wear masks for 8-9 hours per day. they can't even confiscate phones away from the students who are fucking around on their phones for more than an hour.

Anaconda 1 point ago

yeah but they still cheated in 2016 and even used the IC to spy on trump to try to stop him and they still failed.

how do you explain them trying to cheat even with barry as president at the time in 2016 yet we...wait for it...STILL WON?

Anaconda 1 point ago

but they cheated in 2016 in both the primaries by the RINOs and the DNC for the general election and we STILL WON. how do you explain that one?

Anaconda 5 points ago

no. we need to win like 16 dem house seats in order to take it back.

but it sadly looks like while it is looking good (knock on wood) to win the white house and senate in november the house will stay dem but they might lose 5-10 seats and it will be a very razor thin majority for pelosi.

Anaconda 7 points ago

wtf you talking about?

POTUS has by far the most primary votes of an incumbent POTUS in U.S. HISTORY!!!

he has 17.1M so far with 2 or 3 more states to go. second place for incumbent POTUS' primary popular vote totals was bill clinton in 1996 with like 9.8M.

there were so many trump supporters who went out and vote even though there is so much shit happening like the china virus, stupid lockdowns, and race riots.


Anaconda 1 point ago


good old POTUS trump. damn he always makes sure he gets the last word in.

Anaconda 0 points ago

cucker was fine with me as a normal primetime anchor on faux news until right after the george floyd shitshow happened. he has been calling our POTUS 'weak' everyday since then. almost like he is trying to divide and conquer the MAGA base and help pedo joe win in november so cucker himself can run in 2024. it's kinda hard to run in 2024 for cucker if the POTUS has 4 more years and can select his RNC successor.

what cucker is doing with his 'trump is weak' and 'obama is a better riot control president than trump' bullshit concern trolling every night sounds a lot like faux news overall nowadays where it is a POTUS-hating fest or a POTUS-concern trolling fest.

never forget that cucker APOLOGIZED to pedo joe for daring to call him a pervert.


Anaconda -2 points ago

EU socialists who LARP as americans like u/Ragnar_Danneskjold would disagree. he is a doomer who thinks america is fucked even with four more years of president trump and says millions of americans will die like libshits said when 'net neutrality' was killed in early 2017.

GTFO here, doomers

Anaconda 1 point ago

yeah they have a small pool of people they allow to be anchors. i remember CNN and MSNBC literally had 'random neighbor across the street' be their anchors until the 2000s. the brainwashing via fake news on TV just wasn't a priority until then.

they didn't have obnoxious talking heads and the same fucking anchors on all the time prior to the 2000s. the anchors that are on now have been anchors or assistant anchors since fucking 2005 or so on all the big stations. cucker carlson for example had 'crossfire' when he was a CNN anchor in the 2000s. he is one of the guys who are 'in the club' still just like shep.

Anaconda 6 points ago

okay...i was only caring about if criminal charges were filed or not...i mean dumping trash due to TDS is shitty enough as it is but i wondered if this was a case where the cops and DA refused to press charges and the only recourse the victim has is complaining to the media (like the 1% media that isn't fake news).

Anaconda -1 points ago

look, it's the EU socialist faggot LARPing like he's an american.

GTFO here!

Anaconda -1 points ago

yeah right, faggot. you aren't even from america. you got this from imgur.

you're a faggot in a EU socialist country who LARPs as an american here.

Anaconda -5 points ago

yawn...that's what people said when obama was president for 8 years. we're still here aren't we?

why didn't we die yet?

you faggots whining sound like the 'net neutrality will kill millions of people' retards.

Anaconda 0 points ago

nope. one side (USA) doing the right thing and the losing side (CSA) who did the wrong thing got curbstomped.


Anaconda -2 points ago

nah. tear them all down. replace them with statues of grant and lincoln. it's pathetic that there are more statues of 'granny' lee than there are of U.S. grant

Anaconda -2 points ago

torn down/removed...same thing like to-may-to/to-mah-to. it still is never going to be displayed on public lands ever again, thankfully. if the neo-confederates are lucky these shitty statues of treasonous traitors to the republic will end up at a TX/Mexico border luxury resort like dallas' bobby lee statue.

good riddance to these statues symbolizing treason against our great country the USA!


it's hilarious how you are so cucked and defeated with regards to your precious CSA statues that you get upset about the semantics between torn down and removed...which are the same thing, HAHAHAHAHH!

i don't get why cucks here get so triggered by tearing down these shitty statues. should have been done 50-100 years ago. we are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Anaconda -8 points ago

judging by all the butthurt cucks here who whine about Confederate statues being removed moreso than actual important issues i thought many on 'our side' are the ones also getting butthurt about the outcome of the Civil War.

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