AmericasFinalBattle [S] 4 points ago

I'm still not at all convinced this will end in the USA surviving this all out, full on invasion, occupation, and conquest of the USA that has already happened.

I don't think people quite get it … we have already been invaded, conquered and we are clearly occupied by foreign allied traitors. This is not a secret. It's literally right before your eyes and the enemies sit in Congress and are "elected" by the foreign invaders that were shipped into the USA.


What else do you need to be told? It's right before your eyes and we are doing NOTHING even remotely close to what it should be causing and warrant being done.

AmericasFinalBattle [S] 16 points ago

I think Trump should openly talk about the Wexit or western exit being organized in Alberta to leave Canada. They talk about becoming independent, but if they were to join the USA as the 51st state it would not only bring in people, two additional Senators and some Representatives, but it would also provide natural resources, while at the same time dick-punching Canada.

It's like a win-win-win-win-winnning

AmericasFinalBattle [S] 1 point ago

How much did John "foreign traitor" Oliver donate to the Trump campaign?

AmericasFinalBattle [S] 2 points ago

LOL This is a classic.

We're back MFers … F yourselves, Reddtards.

AmericasFinalBattle [S] 2 points ago

I would vote for Trump 6 times today, but I am not a Democrat anymore.