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Would you rather your son be a communist tranny or a Nazi?

How about 'neither'?

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This is the man they had multiple mass funerals for while the rest of the country was told they couldn't properly mourn their lost love ones.

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We'll meme things,

That defy...


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sketchy timing on him and wife beocming Greek citizens right after ghislane Maxwell got arrested

This is the first time I've heard anything about the Greek citizenship thing.

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The lie that Obama would be a post-racial president is the only reason he got elected.

How many people voted for him on the sole basis of "It'll prove we're not a racist country anymore!"?

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I was at a funeral earlier this year, for an older guy I knew. Among the people who eulogized him were his sons, one of which was clearly a very strong liberal.

I'd known the man for a handful of years, and while he was a democrat, he was still a respectful enough individual that we were fully capable of having genuine conversations about matters that we disagreed on. A classic democrat, if you will. When I saw him shortly before he died, when he knew it was only a matter of time before he would die, he even expressed a great deal of appreciation for the conversations we'd had as people on opposite sides of various issues while we'd known each other.

His very liberal son, on the other hand, was a very different story. I only saw him at the funeral, and didn't know anything about him except what was said and written about him there. But what he said while while talking about his dad said everything I needed to know about him. Mainly that he 'knew' his dad would regret not having another opportunity to vote against Trump and effectively pushing for the nomination and eventual election of Elizabeth Warren (who would ironically drop out of the race in a few short weeks time).

Everything else about the funeral and memorial service was great, except for this one son thinking it was necessary to forever taint his father's memory with a political statement and promotion for a short-lived candidate.

Because that is what liberals do - politics are their religion, and everything else comes second to promoting the party agenda.

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Wow, it really is nothing more than a giant piece of propaganda.

I didn't even have to read very much of it.

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