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I want to create a baby for the sole purpose of murdering it.

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Wartortle has evolved into Based-toise.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the new Court group photo from tomorrow morning.

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For some of us, that may well be beyond the remainder of our lifetimes.

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Cruz enjoys the Senate too much to accept a Supreme Court seat.

That said, he's one of the few people that has actually tried to push forward term limits, and once term limits are in place, he could only be in the Senate for so long, so...

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Trump is a conductor with a laser light, the media is an orchestra of cats.

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I'm pretty sure it films like mid-day or late Friday, airs on Saturday, and they probably have the topics for each episode solidified sometime Thursday. They can probably get later events in easier if they're pre-scheduled to happen (such as the Presidential debates)

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Greg does love his puns.

He goes out of his way to have every segment of his Saturday night show open with a rhyme.

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See: Jeb Bush


Jeb was the pick of the Republican power brokers, but then the base said 'nah, we'd rather not' and rejected him in favor of Trump.

By comparison, the Democrat Party twice rejected Sanders in spite of Sanders probably being the most popular candidate in the Democrat Party.

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The Republican Party doesn't have the same power to force a nominee on us the way the Democrat Party does.

And Trump has very much remade the party based so that it is his party.

It'll be up to us to pick and rally around the right nominee to succeed Trump. And I think that if there are one or more candidates that really are in the proper vein to follow up Trump, the party base will rally around the right candidate.

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Its called the Equality Act.

They always give the worst acts the most PR-friendly names.

I've heard it said that you could potentially get rape legalized if you put it in a bill with a name that used words like "Civil Rights" or "Equality" or "Justice" or any of the normal buzzwords.

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I'd buy it if I had the money to spare.

And then I'd take helicopter pilot lessons so I could fly it, too.

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It would be pretty awesome if I actually could saddle up Fluffy and ride that little guy around.

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We're a giant basket of Deplorable CHUMPs and proud of it!

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We must treat the Washington Post as lying, nonsensical propaganda - because it probably is.

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