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We should be idolizing the people that actually contribute to the progress of mankind and/or actual heroes: Researchers, engineers, inventors, EMT's, firefighters etc.

Three cheers!!!

Hell, if I wanted to be entertained, there's American Gladiator, that one (from Japan esp) with the obstacle courses or illegal Street Fights. Even as entertainment its lame.

Of course this is my opinion but it sure is annoying seeing people complain about something that should've been nignored out of existence years ago.

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I think they missed, "the Jeff." Unlike most small-souled bugmen, the Jeff is someone who doesn't specialize or care about anything that much. He hasn't even bothered to geek out on modern tech baubles or media franchises.

He just goes to work, acts like a boss (made easier because he often is the boss) then chickens home and plops his ass on the couch or in his lay-z-boy and floats through life suckling the Glass Teat like a floating turd. No particular direction. Doesn't want to risk it!

He doesn't like standing out and is one of the first to call attention to anyone who does. Often in a hyperbolic, almost girlishly gossipy manner.

Of above average strength, the Jeff has a high predilection for steroid use/abuse and the only thing he'll ever truly get mad or excited about is any perceived insult to his eggshell ego. Usually upper-middle class (though ocassionally reaching lower parts of wealth, say a Chiropractor or contractor), the Jeff can be counted on for two things, consistently, 100% of the time, thinking very highly of himself and thinking very poorly of you.

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I hate China and Chinese people. Rudest people Live met and arrogant. Such a shame that (((some people in charge of the media))) keep trying to sell us that Asians are all super smart and wise, spiritual people. Total horse shit, bow. Look up the pictures of Chinese death by a thousand cuts. Research china's long history of barbarism and technological backwardness.

Hell, they market TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine ) like is better than Western, science based medicine! Look this up: dried crushed cockroach traditional Chinese medicine. These people are swine. They look like frogs. They're stupid as fuck and cruel and the least spiritual you'll ever meet.

All this shit started when (((someone))) started fucking with our media and convincing us that we Westerners were shameful, bavkwatds, mechanistic and needed strength through an infusion of 4rd world savages who had never built a civilization worth a shit and, in fact, were simply fleeing their delidated shithole hovels to make money in the US, not share some spiritual Nobel Savage wisdom that they didn't have anyways!

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I don't really remember it like that. What sort of conversation are we talking about? Something like the reverse of Van Jones? We'd need a media, first. 99% of the media is racist against whites. That's just fact.

I've never seen a culture turn...so ugly...so stupid (60% are attacking their own kind!)...so quickly.

My only recourse is that its gone. That i don't have any part of it in me. I've distances myself because its all so ugly now. We basically live in Cuba or Africa for all intents and purposes. No cultural icons that are worth a single shit. None. Just stupid, handsome faces and shores who shake their flabby ass cheeks for attention = Africa.

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The entire country has fallen. Period will just take decade to realize that is happened. Job and money do not a country make. Our heart, our soul has been replaced with filth and disgusting, cheap shit. Meat puppets grinding each others genitals into a bloody mess trying to force their brains to squirt more feel good for a second more before they are recycled.

No spirit. No soul.

Just booty. And, "muh dik" culture.

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Couldn't possibly agree more. Shifty, low-IQ, no-immagination writer of truckstop paperbacks. Where he got the idea to enter politics I don't know. Should've stick to writing creepy nonsense for the mentally 14 year olds among us.