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As a newbie waiting on my concealed carry to come in the mail, I appreciate it when people say what the guns in the pictures are.

Granted, it's all gibberish to me except for the caliber.

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The engineer hears a "REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAUUUUGH!" as a car barrels through the crossing arm and gets reduced to a shower of particles by the oncoming train.

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Adorable, derpy looking anti-terrorist dogs are the best!

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Yoink! This is going on facebook now!

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That's cutting edge video right there! Really important that we can show that they had no cause to feel threatened.

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Yeah, it looks bad for us, but it seems different if you look closely.

The car door is open at the start of the video. It shuts and then they immediately jerk forward into the crowd.

Good luck proving you were in fear for your life, shithead.

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That's true, I would like to see more on that too.

One person in the camp was wearing all black and shooting at the cameraman with a slingshot. That supposedly implies they're a rioter.

The second person he noted was "Trumpet Man", a more well-known protester/rioter/whatever who was in another video fighting a right winger on a highway.

I made a post about it showing that the guy in both videos really is "Trumpet Man".

I don't think we have definite proof that they were all rioters. But Protester Privilege put together an article showing, among other things, that recent happenings with the rioters have been nearby this camp.

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Ayn Rand argued that morality is the front line in the battle for the united states and capitalism.

People routinely put what's right before the facts. It's why the Austrian economists are constantly correct but can't change anybody's mind.

It's not enough to argue that America and Capitalism "works" or "is practical" or "but look, the morality the left argues for still gets served by capitalism in the end".

You have to argue that America/americanism/capitalism/etc are morally right first and foremost.

And the root of that debate is: do you have a right to put yourself (and your loved ones) first, follow your own profit motive, pursue your own dreams, etc? (Americanism) Or do you have a duty to serve the needs of others and put others before yourself? (Altruism/collectivism/leftism.)

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Despite looking like a man who would request a private advance screening of Cuties

I've never believed in punchable faces.

Until now.

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I dunno the specifics, just that california repealed/overturned/whatever the ban on communists in government.

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I pronounce antifa wrong on purpose just to reject their stupid premise.

"An tee fuh!", not "An teh fah"!

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Except in California, since California just recently made it legal for communists to work in the government!

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Don't worry, they're going to impeach him again for picking a supreme court justice.

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ActBlue defends the integrity of its donations and said many come from retirees and people who aren't counted as employed, such as homemakers.

LOL, yeah I'm sure 50% of ActBlue's donations are retirees and homemakers.

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It is already illegal for the Communist Party USA to be a political party, and it is already illegal for Communists to work in the federal government.

Yeah, our predecessors had to deal with this shit too. In the 60's and 70's, they weren't just burning our cities, they were bombing them.

Then their sympathizers in our legal system gave them a slap on the wrist, and when they were done with their short prison sentences, they became college professors, and now history is artificially repeating itself.

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Holy shit you guys, the internet actually tracked down the chick who drove that U-haul and called her up.


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Even after watching that I had to look up what a "wrap-up smear" is.


False! Pelosi was saying that that's what Republicans do!

So she projected their guilt onto us like they always do.

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