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Pay attention to the pacing and the soundtrack, it sounds like a ticking clock, times is running out for these traitors, the Age of American Justice is coming.

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He is the storm

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The ducks are in a row.

This is now my new favorite video.

It is happening.

Season Two is going to be a wild ride.

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They will play dirty, they will take this too far like always.

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You can't spell a n a g r a m without m a g a

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Also note that if your account gets banned for any reason...like using speech they don't like... the entire G suite including all documents, files, emails and assets are permanently removed without recourse.

They have done it before

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330,000,000 Americans and this is the person Democrats chose to be their candidate

Well I will say he truly represents the party values.


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Have you considered that POTUS is placing a mirror in front of mail-in ballots to show that the mail in ballots can be manipulated, miscounted and are not reliable.

That said MAIL-IN ballots should not be legal AT ALL, voting should require a citizen to show up with valid ID, verified citizenship and have an inked finger.

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No silver hair. 1 out of 5 stars.

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No mention of Harry Potter - 1 out 5 stars

Would not read again!


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When she donates ALL her money to poor black communities I will listen to whatever she wants to say, otherwise she should shut her Weinstein holster.

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When you watch too many movies, the car doesn't explode after shooting at it and women don't throw yourself at you while you walk away ifrom the explosion.


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"Off topic" is Reddit's "Disorderly Conduct"

One charge fits all.

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They are also withholding real covid19 death rates to assist the Democrats into pushing mandatory mail-in ballots.

Man I wish the founding fathers were alive, they would have taken care of this corruption years ago.

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