AlbertSnow [S] 3 points ago

In my state, more than 94000 people voted for Donald Trump, than voted for Biden and Sanders combined. Trump 2020, baby.

AlbertSnow [S] 6 points ago

And right on cue #ByeByeElise trends on Twatter...


AlbertSnow [S] 9 points ago

Well, I think this explains why she has so much f'ing money from working on a politician's salary.

Side-note: can you say "fucking" on here? Not sure of the rules. PRSD (Post Reddit Stress Disorder) is a real thing!

AlbertSnow [S] 12 points ago

I voted for GEOTUS in 2016 because I didn't want Evil to win. I thought if he won, that congress would block him at every turn and he would be ineffective at best. I have never been happier to be wrong in my life. President Trump has been the best President I've ever seen in my over 50 years of life. I'll be voting for him again next year, and I'm doing my best to convince everyone else to as well.

AlbertSnow [S] 5 points ago

I think right after the DNC chooses it's loser for this race. When it's a one on one competition. After that, we'll be too influential and must be stopped.

AlbertSnow [S] 19 points ago

Truly glad to be a part of history, and very glad to see someone planning ahead like this. Thank you to those responsible.