AgarthaForever [S] 1 point ago

It's great that we have social media orgs owned by extremist globohomo oligarchs and tyrannical regimes appointing themselves as global thought police.

AgarthaForever [S] 25 points ago

On which the media will stop reporting soon enough because reasons.

AgarthaForever [S] 2 points ago

I only regret that I have but one upvote to give for my GEOTUS.

AgarthaForever [S] 4 points ago *

Imagine being such a milquetoast fence sitter that you haven't been booted from Twatter.

AgarthaForever [S] 7 points ago

Hopefully those military medics will be doing trans surgery and abortions so snowflakes don’t melt.

AgarthaForever [S] 6 points ago

So where are all of California’s homeless people supposed to go during the stay-at-home order? Maybe go over to Gov. Newsom’s mansion?

AgarthaForever [S] 6 points ago

Partisan Dems don’t understand principles beyond “orange man bad”. Bernie Bros may be deeply misguided, but they at least have some amount of consistency.

AgarthaForever [S] 1 point ago

Not my meme, but had to share.

AgarthaForever [S] 17 points ago

He needs to sit back and trust in his magic underwear to keep him safe.

AgarthaForever [S] 2 points ago

If ISIS didn’t exist, Warmongering globohomo oligarchs would have to create it. Wait…

AgarthaForever [S] 15 points ago

Perhaps GEOTUS’s greatest achievement has been exposing the complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the ruling class and press.

AgarthaForever [S] 9 points ago

Ackchyually, Snopes has disproven claims that Obama's US birth certificate is forged!

And Mike has a female penis.

Sufficiently retarded?

AgarthaForever [S] 33 points ago *

W was cutting the crusts off the bread of your turd sandwich before eating it. Obama was cutting it into little pieces and eating them with toothpicks.

In both cases, you're eating a turd sandwich.

I see Obama as having doubled down on and made permanent the worst abuses of the W years. As soon as he talked about the importance of looking forward, not backward, you knew that he was going in dry on the citizenry.

AgarthaForever [S] 7 points ago

Please be careful. I can only handle so much mental illness at once.

AgarthaForever [S] 3 points ago *

I want to see the DNC steal the nomination from Bernie, give it to Biden, then have Biden shit himself on live TV during his acceptance speech.

AgarthaForever [S] 3 points ago

Who cares. They’ll get someone else to push globohomo taking points in his time slot.

AgarthaForever [S] 5 points ago

Maybe the judge was lenient because the illegals were simply here in the US looking for a better life? That excuses criminality, right?

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