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I'm not so sure. This may fire up their base like Biden and Kamala clearly do not. It'll dominate the news cycle, distracting voters from Biden's declining mental state and Kamala's unlikeability. It pushes violence and foment which seems to be part of the plan, particularly if they lose the election. And they get to push Trump as a evil heartless authoritarian -- the expanding of the supreme court and other leftist squad goals to counterbalance this percieved wrong (in their eyes). Dems might just be in a desperate enough spot to try it. Anything I'm missing?

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I support their right to self-determination and freedom of association. There's nothing wrong with buying land and making your own thing. I wish them every success in pursuing the American dream. I hope they learn the values of hard work, self-reliance, independence and other conservative values.

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If this were true you'd see a word for word comparison. The 'inspired by' is fucking tenuous at best. It's hardly a unique or long quote such that you could say anything definitive.

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She's doing it to make Biden look better for doing the same. She's covering for him.

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When warfare hit people said, sure they're laundering money but not selling children. Hello! People sell children! Wake up! There's nothing inherently more improbable about selling children than drugs. People just don't want to believe it happens.

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Someone link some eyebleach please!

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We accept your terms.

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Who the fuck cares if she has an agenda?! Everyone has an agenda. The prof doesn't care that she has an agenda; he cares that she has an agenda he doesn't agree with. This asshole should be fired. This is a terrible teacher.

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Haters will say they're taken at different tides.

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Haha. I remember on your last post you said we needed images. Checked user name...yep. Same guy. Same guy.

Watch out for this guys posts pedes. Quality!

u/WallBot BRICKS for this patriot!!

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Trump isn't a phony prepackaged politician. He's outside the establishment and that's why they hate him. Phony swap republicans aren't willing to make hard calls; they have as little principles as dems. That's exactly what trumpers are fighting against - the Australia and UK type government that humors their people while steamrolling right over them. We fight for the freedom of self-governance and to not be governed by a political class of patronising elites telling us what to do and say.


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The Easter egg roll is not a joke. Eggs contain highly sensitive material. The internet is swarming with fake eggs doing mischief. What do you think will happen if Russian eggs infiltrate the white house? Eggs will roll!

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I prefer to believe OPs memes will be alphabetized and colour-coded for maximum destruction of leftist narratives in her MOABs binder.

That and picturing Kayly as a nitpicking wife really trampled my dreams.

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Ehh...dejavu anyone? We gave her a bump in 2016 or whenever it was. Hope she's not expecting the same now...sorry, we see through you Joy.

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