Adler [S] 3 points ago

Of course he is. And every other prominent anti-gun cuck will be there too. This is too good of an opportunity for them to pass up.

Adler [S] 5 points ago

Thank you! I've always loved vintage/retro prints, so it only made sense for me to combine them with memes!

Adler [S] 4 points ago

That would be awesome!

Adler [S] 4 points ago

Thank you! I'm proud with how it turned out.

Adler [S] 1 point ago

Here's my submission:

We beat them before, we'll beat them again!

Adler [S] 8 points ago

unpopular opinion: FDR knew about the Jap's plans and let it happen so he could get the war he wanted

Adler [S] 1 point ago *


I love y'all ❤

Adler [S] 1 point ago

Here's an 11x17, no folds as ordered. I hope you don't mind the change to an American heli ;)

Adler [S] 1 point ago

100% Rusky free, now with Blackhawk:

Adler [S] 2 points ago *

here you go: it's 11 x 17 now and looks a lot better.

Plus, Blackhawk instead of Mi-8

if you post some, I'd love to see some pics!

Adler [S] 1 point ago

yes it is, that would be awesome haha. I'll see what I can do ;)

Adler [S] 3 points ago

same, I've wanted to do something retro with it and take it up a notch for a while.

Chuckled quite a bit while working on it haha.

Adler [S] 1 point ago

I tried to make it look cool by doing that, but looking back yeah now it bugs me too


Adler [S] 6 points ago

yeah those godless turds have no humor.

It's just a joke anway... unless..? ??

Adler [S] 4 points ago

it's a really nice overlay, I'm glad I found it haha. thanks ❤

Adler [S] 19 points ago

very true. there's a whole separate division solely dedicated to land-whale transport, a necessity given the average size of your typical traitor.

Adler [S] 3 points ago

LGBTQQAPBBQ --> LGB* (even then, the B is iffy...)

Adler [S] 9 points ago

My brother grew his hair out, to the dismay of my parents. They told him to get a haircut all the time but eventually figured that if that's as rebellious as he gets (which it was), then it wasn't worth the possibility of pushing him further.

Funny thing is, his long hair has become such a part of him now that I can't picture him with short hair haha. Definitely choose your battles. Things could be worse!

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