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Sargon's Livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrIn_0_R-2E

That's my jam tonight. Bunch of brits sperging out over Trump memes. Laughing at the REEEEEeeeeeee every chance they get.

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aaaaaahahaha the ending :) that sarcastic ass tone haha "I love you kiss"

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Yeah I've known so many Conservatives who prefer pot over beer. Reefer madness is not a real thing.

Most of the people running around, looking gaunt as shit, wearing antifa garb are not 'potheads'. They might do pot, just like they might drink beer or breath air. But it's merely a correlation, not causation to their deviant behavior.

And I have a mental illness and I rarely do alcohol and hate drugs. If anything, untreated mental illness led me towards alcohol as a way to treat the underlying issues.

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holy shit, these lefty elected officials believe in conspiracy theories. I can't believe how idiotic these "questions" are.

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Once, back when I was a bernie bro. I laughed when they asked if I was willing to support Hillary.

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Our 'news' organizations are utter shit. Always with the hype, lies, narratives. Almost never delivering facts. Best way to become uninformed is to watch the MSM.

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The desire for a crisis apparently is higher than demand even in these times. The test sites aren't swamped. Doesn't appear to be a high demand for tests at that location.

Why is just 'telling the truth' a difficult concept for these 'News' organizations? Our media is such a joke. They're deeply corrupt.

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Have faith man. A lot of us here were Bernie supporters during the 16 election. Keep pointing out how Trump is pro individual liberty with stuff like gay marriage, how Trump's policies help the poor and working class better than the lefts, how immigration policy helps our working class, how his trade deals help our working class, how he's being really good at limiting military force and only using that 'big stick' when he absolutely must, and bringing troops home.

A lot of kids have it drilled into their heads in HS/college that the Republican party is the Republican party of the 90's. Moral authoritarians who wanted policy to be driven by faith instead of the principles of liberty. A big flip has occurred, it's actually the left doing that now.

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hahahahaha. You guys are great :) The shit you come up with is epic. Much love pedes.

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Yes! just what I was searching for :)

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As someone who was an Obama voter, and Bernie supporter in 16, I begrudgingly voted for Trump because it was anti-establishment and he had the same trade/immigration stance that Bernie did. This was a moment that helped bring me fully on board the Trump train.

I can't help but look at that image and think "That's a fucking leader". I made every excuse for Bernie when he got his mic stolen by those two BLM activists. But I knew in my heart something was wrong. Trump is not the type of man who would ever let that happen. He's a fucking boss.