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You know, before the laptop from hell, I would call this elder abuse and say the establishment should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to an old man.

Now, this kid sniffer can go fuck himself

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ugh, this is UNACCEPTABLE. We NEED to be able to compare flu and COVID if they really are a separate thing. Either it’s fake, or they just want to count every Flu death as COVID

Contact the CDC and tell them this is unacceptable

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Whoa man. I can’t imagine the depths of critical thinking this person had to engage in to achieve this high caliber analysis of modern politics.

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I remember crying into my milkshake.

We had made Americana burgers and shakes to celebrate Election Day and the joy fizzled out watching the numbers roll in. I couldn’t sleep in the months afterward and I started therapy back up.

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Not gonna lie, I laughed. Problem is that these same people that fall for TDS fall for this. Also, it’s clearly their “October Surprise”, and no one cares lol.

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He literally can’t believe how dumb she is lmao I love this man

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I am frustrated and, frankly, heartbroken at the state of our public discourse. The American left has successfully convinced themselves that any bias in reporting that is different from their own, NO MATTER HOW CREDIBLE THE INFORMATION, is automatically “propaganda” and therefore false. When you refuse to address the arguments of those you disagree with, you lose and we become a third world country.

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He knows it’s all bullshit. Between a high false positivity rate and most infections being asymptomatic, it’s the perfect tool with which to whip up hysteria and push through the whole NWO bucket list. I cannot wait for him to get back to working and rallying and this thing is put to bed once and for all.

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for bringing us this man in our hour of need. Please, Lord, protect this man who has laid his life, fortune, and reputation on the line to protect us.

We seek healing for our President and forgiveness for those with enough evil in their hearts to wish harm upon such a beloved father and grandfather

Lord we Ask that you guide us through this trying time, and give us a POTUS in two weeks with a newfound energy who will hand Joe’s candy ass to him in the next debate

In the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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Proud Boys is NOT a race-based or hate group. This needs to stop being perpetuated. Very disappointed in Trump for not calling Wallace on conflating white supremacy with patriot/conservative groups. Also, how did he not bring up Biden’s recent racial comments!? Disappointing

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There’s a difference between pandering and actually implemented policies that stimulate the black community economically

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I understand your skepticism, but it’s true that black support for Trump is unprecedented compared to past Republicans in the same polls

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It honestly is pretty loud, sounds like a pretty good amount of people for indoors and probably “social distancing”

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That’s kinda what I mean. They lose the black vote, this election is it for them I think.

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God I hope he addresses it at the next rally. The thought of POTUS mimicking his poop walk on stage is just too much

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