Aaron_maga 1 point ago

I enjoyed my spicy chicken sandwich today. Trump 2020.

Aaron_maga 4 points ago

That old place will always be my red pill 2016 party over it’s MAGA time. This new home will be my 2020 HQ.

Aaron_maga 6 points ago

Feels good to vote for him yesterday, my second time ever. My only regret is that I only get to choose his name one more time.

Aaron_maga 3 points ago

Congress is beyond fucked. The red line has been crossed so many times that there is no line. What are we going to do about it? There is no going back from this. No restoration in sight, no sanity, no morales, utterly corrupted. Standing there pissing on we the people. Fucking with an elected president. This goes far beyond normal political play, this is all out war. Fuck you.

Aaron_maga 1 point ago

Rookie numbers, gotta pump those figures up.

Aaron_maga 1 point ago

Hillary had plans for a Pay to Play for judges seats. More of the same from her like the illegal server, donate to Foundation and gain access to classified information. Epstein didn’t kill...

Aaron_maga 1 point ago

Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leak. If America possessed a memory and rational thought, those responsible would be locked the fuck up.

Trump is president. A lot of good people went down to make that happen.

Seth Rich will not be forgotten.

Aaron_maga 5 points ago

It’s a disgrace to the people that she will not retire when she cannot perform her basic job function. Swamp Rat.

Aaron_maga 7 points ago

I voted for trump 2016. My whole extended family did as well. Trump 2020!