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If we have to then there is one combination that will be a pain for anybody to remove:

Concrete with a granite powder mix, Reinforced with Stainless steel, and sealed with 50 layers of Epoxy.

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How could anyone misinterpret Gold for Copper? There colors are different, they have different luster qualities, and its much harder to obtain for Gold than Copper.

If it wasn't in person I probably could understand, but when dealing with this type you have to be in person with another that knows their stuff.

Chemical analysis is paramount as well.

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Great showcase of Fireworks, but the voicing was, also, good.

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Peace and Hope rests with God. When all is lost He is there. Every moment that you are there before, during, and, hopefully, after.

The governor will try, and it is are job to not be complacent.

A little thought to put a perspective:

God rests in your heart, which means anywhere you are He is. Singing loudly by yourself in any lone location, at your home, with others, or in a crowd He will listen all the same. The governor might want to stamp it, but that is all the reason to sing loudly as possible.

Peace will come, but endure what is present while fighting for the future of those under your care.

This might not be what you want to hear, but it is something that I felt that is needed to be said.

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How about a full on 24/7 round the clock pede force?

[Asking way to much, but we should have who ever is there have 3x the security force since the "excuse" was there wasn't enough people(to put that stupid quagmire into simple words) to cover it all and the system did not work at the reported hanging time.

My two/2 cents anyways]

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You have provided no source. All you provided was what the CDC and WHO said. WHO has been the Chinese Communist Party's lacky recently.

CDC themselves admitted to flaring off the shutting down warning to early, and that the masks are not to protect you but to have the cloth hold the virus.

Others have posted, and is in medical journals about virus sizes and bacteria sizes. The Coronavirus is around 100nm-1 micron in size. Masks stop particulates of around 3 microns with few going further which is where N95 masks should be able to do, but there is no research if they can stop sizes as small as 100nm which the average size of the virus ranges in between 100nm(1/10 of a Micron)-3 microns.

So unless you provide a source that STATES masks can stop sizes as small as that that are common then you are wrong.

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instead of thinking we should find what sticks instead.

Also, look into the son and his connections. Soros is going away in the next couple of years, but he has groomed several people, organizations, and groups. His son should be connected to at least some of them. That should be the starting point.

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That I did not know. Thanks for the correction.

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I have been hearing talk about the Three gorges dam so that is something. Have to look into it later.

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Honestly, I think anybody on the city council could be just as responsible, but yes she is the figure head.

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Must be the fact the mayor got gas lighted at her home.

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Simple as that.

Who gave them is a mystery because all in charge are suspect at this point IMO.

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