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After O’Malley spent his term as governor of Maryland driving that state into the ground, a lot of people in the DC suburbs picked up and moved to northern Virginia. And kept voting for the same kinds of politicians that ruined Maryland.

Liberals are literally locust.

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Was going to order some coffee from them. Not any more.

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Pierre Derlicto or something like that.

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There are so many places we don’t look because dems winning is a given. How big of a lead does Biden really have in California?

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Anyone remember Wendy Davis? Abortion Barbie? Wore pink shoes. Drew all kinds of money into the dnc from places like Commiefornia? Was going to win the governors race?

And who lost to Abott by something like 30 points?

Yeah these blue Texas people never know what they’re talking about.

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I don’t know what part of the state you are in, but at least in Cuyahoga county a number of positions (judges and school board especially!) are non-partisan. Please go to your county GOP website and get a list of their endorses candidates. School officials are especially important if we want to undo all this crap the left has done to our country.

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It’ll be an accident I’m sure. Crackheads fall backwards down the stairs all the time. That note in his his pocket saying “Kamala didn’t push me guys!” is all the proof anyone will need.

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SJWs need sleep and their union mentality means no one is working the graveyard shift...

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Hmmm, high voltage power lines have been associated with Childhood leukemia for decades, so unless electricity generated by wind turbines is somehow different than electricity generated every other way yeah I could see not wanting to plop them everywhere. It’s not just the generation but the infrastructure to get that electricity to the grid.

So yeah, Trump’s critics are dumbasses.

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That might make the fools already voting for Biden no matter what cheer, but he can forget Pennsylvania.... and Texas turning blue? Ha!

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Windmill cancer? What the hell does that mean?

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Want to see a rapist, serial abuser, or a true misogynist? Look for a male feminist.

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Someone get that commie bastard a helicopter ride!

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Immigrants are the biggest identity politics failure the left has run into. People who followed the law and immigrated legally by and large hate the people who illegally enter the country. Often times the illegals are the ones who fucked the country up so bad the legals left.

But to the Dems, a Hispanic is a Hispanic so let’s try driving this wedge issue into place. Problem is, the ones whose votes they court can’t vote, and they’re only pissing off the ones who can vote.

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Lebron James makes money from the forced labor camps in China that are making Nike products.

Someone who directly profits from slavery can fuck off if they want to lecture me about social justice.

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Meat headed moron still puts him way smarter than your average MSM shill.

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“Wimpy white boys?”

My kid was a NICU baby and while we never heard the term directly, one nurse told us “you may hear this term and....” saying it referred to white male babies statistically had more trouble with lung development. Of my son’s 28 day stay he spent 25 on either oxygen or cpap so there is something to the lung development... (although I’d take that over the poor Indian baby in the room next to us who went into afib at least twice an hour.) I admit I didn’t think much of it at the time as the drs and nurses took great care of him and were super kind and attentive.

Still, having seen the left grow even more vicious day after day I admit I’d have the same reaction as OP if I first heard it today.

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