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I like Patriot Party. Lion or Bald Eagle as our sign.

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You can't post gifs here for some reason, but I can tell by the title that's a good one

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They are so nakedly obvious. Pure propaganda arm of the CCP / globalist uniparty.

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Just pull the 230 plug and let every person who's ever been called a dick on Twitter sue them for libel. They'll go down like those nazis devoured by ants in the Indiana Jones movie with Sean Connery.

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Yeah WTF, even their logo is a clone of Fox's. Too many shills pumping them up immediately after election night.

Cinemax is the only max I ever loved. Particularly after 11 pm.

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Yeah, RINOs aren't RINOs because they are too scared to live up to their principles. By definition, they have no principles. They are merely Uniparty grifters playing the role in which they were cast. They deserve no mercy beyond that which God gives them, assuming He gives them any.

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This is the kind of thoughtful, patient insight a pede can appreciate. "They are not going to willingly broadcast their own destruction." Fact.

But surely someone can set up a livestream of the sentencings for TD.win...

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The straight truth is that when a few of these fucks get life in prison, or even ONE of these traitors gets the death penalty—the wind will go out of the left's sails in about 2 seconds.

Of course I'm hoping several hundred get life sentences and at least 6 fry.

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  1. The Dave Matthews of the 1970s
  2. Cult leader whose flock no longer give a crap
  3. Hair Nation staple elevated to "serious" status by focus groups who only showed up for the free M&Ms and $50 TJ Maxx gift card

Also, they have Jon Stewart in the back 'cause he's normal person height, while JBJ and Springsteen are more or less Hobbits with shoes on. '

That is all.

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His "campaign" against the press is simply calling them Fake News. No penalties, no persecution by the IRS, no threats of violence, nothing but looking them in the eye and saying "You're Fake news."

What a bunch of lying jackasses.

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It must have hurt Fox to type that headline.

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Man, reading this, everyone who has been bitching about how long it's taken for "evidence" to show up needs to chill, a lot of this is clearly super technical and complex.

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And it won't matter because in his second term, God will favor GEOTUS with three more appointments, so that Roberts will regularly be getting outvoted 8-1. It is known.

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They are doing this to curry favor with the Chinese, so when they flee to live as fugitives in Beijing they'll be greeted with open arms.

We are about to see a whole lot of super-rich assholes go full Roman Polanski.

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I saw this "deboooooonked" on Redstate or some other supposedly rightwing site. I swear to God half the sites I used to think were "alternative" turned out to be owned / cucked over the last two weeks. Disappointing, yet enlightening.

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