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Kill the rigged voting systems, kick these corrupt assholes out. They can't stay in with a fully legitimate election process and they know it.

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God twitter is such a liberal shit hole. I have never seen so many punchable faces in one comment thread ever.

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Thats hilarious Raffensperger saying "it'll be the voters who fire me" Yeah well the fix is in for you isn't it? Because you cant lose an election if you fixed the voting system to always elect you. This guy needs to go straight to hell. Not allowing signature checks is not verifying valid votes. I hope this GA punk and these fixed voting systems get destroyed in court.

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There could be somebody filling out mail ins on camera and they still would say joe won. Hell joe could come out telling everyone his plans of voter fraud and they'd STILL say he won.. oh wait that happened.

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Remember those founding fathers were seen as traitors and terrorists by England. If I had to guess.. people who came out to show force to push following the CONSTITUTION would be labelled as such again.

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It’s disgusting how the left has made the hero into a villain. I guess when you think about it that’s all they do is try to warp everything to match their world view.

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This needs to happen in order for Americans to really wake up. The amount of people in the country makes the big picture very convoluted. We've been this way for such a long time nobody thought there was an issue when the swamp has gotten extremely deep.

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Many grains of sand can eventually add up to mountain. I hope they bust this election WIDE OPEN.

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Twitter is such a shit hole. Liberals love it because it gives them a place to look down their nose at you and talk shit. I can't wrap my head around how these poor elitists talk shit to the president. Its a disgrace. Put the damn fire to their feet and see how they act and this will be settled in no time.