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Simpler times, before China flu and BLM Marxist riots

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Everything is downstream of culture. Music, art, movies, tv, entertainment in general is the most powerful tool, and conservatives are basically non-existent in it

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1-part of it is about replacing whites, and rubbing it in people’s faces

2-using already existing properties is a safer bet for the studios

3-there is very little actual talent is the entertainment industry. Diversity hires, cronyism, and nepotism accounts for a lot of it.

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For those unaware, it’s from a new movie called “come away” that merges Alice in wonderland and Peter Pan.

Pretty much everyone in the movie is black, including Peter Pan.

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Openly Christian, and as far as I know hasn’t ever said anything political. Usually means the person is a conservative

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Theres a person walking around in Poland right now who's alive because Poland cares about it's citizens.

This guy(the terrorist) would have killed someone wherever he ended up.

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the deboonked thing is a meme. everything is being called "deboonked" lately, its tongue-in-cheek mockery of how the left claims to "debunk" everything

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Also, if im understating it correctly, you can change people's address and then request mail in ballots for them.

dead people, or people you otherwise know wont be voting

did that aspect end up not being true?

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If you're having a job interview with Trump, never say you were born for the role


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Hour and a half under the Nevada sun, in a suit a tie.

I wouldn't want to do that

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Some lady in the crowd is going wild about Armenia

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I’m in CA I don’t know anything about water rationing. Maybe some government bureaucrat recommends it, but it’s not something that’s enforced or anything. At least where I live.

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From what I read he was waiting for the teacher after school got out, and asked students to point out the teacher that’d shown the drawings, so he wasn’t directly familiar with the teacher

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Happened a few days ago in Paris. He showed some Muhammad drawings to his class, and a Muslim immigrant cut his head off in the street

Not surprising you didn’t hear about it, it’s not like the MSM is going to give it the coverage it deserves.