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Never give an inch of land to commies

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Or a pizza related map on a handkerchief

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Yes it can it's right on the top right where Washington's presidentialness and Trump's energy meet.

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"We've been bussing people around for 50 years..."

-Whatever that scumbag democrats name was

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Not to mention the left has outdone Charlottesville about 100 times in the last few months.

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Daily reminder that Huber was an 0bama appointee who Trump fired and then rehired on the recommendation of Sessions. And then Sessions puts the most important investigation in his hands. Fucking traitor scum.

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What do you mean by staged? The "protestor" layed down to try to be "brave" and block the road and then he got ran over. I don't see any reason why the cop would be in on it making it staged.

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Damn good thing he was wearing a helmet and the guy swinging the bat is a pussy or that could have been a lot worse.

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And if you do mail, drop it in one of those big blue mailboxes, don't leave it in your own mailbox.

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If you're not first, you're last.

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