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Never underestimate the depths to which the useful idiots will steep to. Even when there are cameras around.

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Remember that Killary sent an email to Donna Brazile after the Matt Lauer interview in October 2016 saying.

“If that fucking bastard wins (DJT) we all hang from nooses. Lauers finished, and if I loose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up, you better fix this shit.”

Now we are where we are today.

Make her words reality America.

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It was the private contracting group Academi, used to be Blackwater.

Don’t ask me how I know.

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When all of this shit this is said and done and the fog of war clears, I propose a motion to all patriots, a caravan of Patriots from America and Canada travel to visit Yuris gravesite in Windsor Ontario.

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Just a quick side note.

That article mentions The Oathkeepers organization.

The Oathkeepers mustered their organized ranks of the militia a week after the election, the last 3 weeks they have already started setting up logistical support around the nation, setting up surveillance and started pulling security for various protest events.

The Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginian Unorganized Militias mustered in 2019 when they had all that Anti-2A legislation coming down upon them. Not 1 of the organizations ever rescinded the calls to muster.

That’s the information I have been privy to.

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To all the civilians here. You are in a War.

Start reading the Magna Carta move to the English Bill of Rights of 1689, then read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Start reading the works of the Founding Fathers and Patriots of the Old and New Worlds.

I don’t want you to think about excuses, taking care of extended family? Husband/Wife and kids? Working? you take ever amount of free time you have and read aloud to everyone around.

You either demand Truth and Justice for Treason, Sedition and Insurrection or you become nothing more than domesticated animal.

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Civilians are to docile and brainwashed.

I’ve been saying this for a week, the militias mustered 3 weeks ago...

Those of you watching reality unfold live on the internet for your memes are behind the power curve.

Only Veterans/active duty, Militias and true Patriots that are truly prepped in every way imaginable logistically, Medically and Spiritually have the power to combat these people.

Forget Wuhan flu, if you as civilians don’t get into the streets to demand Truth and Justice for Treason, Sedition and Insurrection you will either have to participate in this coming without rule of law scenario or you will become a true slave to the powers that be.

They WILL project their crimes upon you and they WILL subvert the Unalienable Rights the Constitution acknowledges that God has given you.

There will be 2 societies and realities, those who are normal free thinking humans and those that just do what they are told by the State.

You are walking on the razors edge and have come to the T intersection.

The choice society takes is solely based and dependent on your civilian actions the next 10 days.

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You are in a War, with a capital W.

All you civilians better start to get in contact with militias and veterans groups.

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Posts and thoughts like this are a pacification of the American Republic.

They need to be tried by a judge and jury of their peers for the crimes of treason, sedition and instigating insurrection.

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Panic? Exceptions? There will be neither here this time around. Remember, only 2-3% of colonists fought the Empire for which the sun never set.

Mark my words, without rule of law is coming if you as civilians don’t get your shit together and flood the streets demanding truth and justice for treason, sedition and insurrection.

Veterans will line up, active duty members will leave the forces, they will march straight past you without batting an eye.

The power that tyrants hold today is vast, the military industrial complex owns Generals and officers...if they can compromise Mattis countless others are on their payrolls.

You are battling a global effort to ultimately syphon your wealth out of your pockets, to siphon your unalienable rights unto organizations and corporations.

Panic and exceptions?...Patriots across the western world are protesting against globalists...you don’t think veterans in those countries are making plans?...they disbanded a whole regiment of the German KSK SF in June 2020 for trying to hit politicians...

Naïve civilians. “There are no innocent civilians. It is their government and you are fighting a people, you are not trying to fight an armed force anymore. So it doesn't bother me so much to be killing the so-called innocent bystanders.”

That’s the world in which you are living right now.

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I understand how the American Republic works.

You as civilians are at a threshold right now with the next 12 days. The court of public opinion is where you as civilians excel. You are all smart and old enough to know what is going on in relation to society and your livelihoods.

After the 14th every deal will be off the table and the next month will determine how you survive in the future as a Nation State both societally and on the world stage.

There is no going back, you don’t get to save the game and restart...you are at the T intersection.

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I’m going to keep fucking saying it and I want all you little baby boys to downvote just because you hate hearing it.

20 fucking years of war, 9/11, WMD Iraq, fucking OBL Taliban in caves, oil pipelines and poppy fields, ISIS and their attacks all around the world...

What duty do you think you have as a civilian? To sit around and watch reality live-streamed on the internet? For your memes?

What is this life worth to you civilians? Internet and fiat? Your little tiny bubble of reality in servitude to opulence and excess?

You’re waiting for the militias to muster a call to pool the unorganized ranks? They already mustered 3 weeks ago. The Virginian militias mustered in January when they had all that anti-2A shit going down...

The militias have been setting up logistics everywhere and pulling security at various events.

You are behind the power curve.

I don’t care if you have preps, if you don’t practise your skills you loose those skills.

You loose 4% of your training every 21 days, I know SF guys that go to ranges 5 times a fucking week in a market of ammo shortages than could last almost 2 years.

You as civilians need to get your priorities straight, you need to get in the streets and demand truth and justice for treason, sedition and insurrection.

You need to read the works of Freedom and Liberty loving men from the old and new worlds.

Have you ever read the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights of 1689, the Declaration of Independence?

You need to sit down and take time to read their works. I don’t want to hear excuses, to much work? Taking care of family? Not enough time? Sit the fuck down and read aloud, learn about what you are throwing away because you want to sit on the internet.

You won’t fucking have anything in relation to what you remember as what life was if you don’t get into the fucking streets and demand truth and justice.

You have 12 days left to do battle in the court of public opinion for the American Republic.

The soul of a Nation is in your hands right now either to be moulded back up or to slip through your fingers.

Who do you think is at the bottom waiting to feed upon it?

When the next 12 days runs its course you are entering into a battlefield you as civilians have never entered into and as far as people like me are concerned the vast majority of you will not be able to stomach what comes down the pipeline.

You are on the razors edge, if the time comes that veterans and militias should start to line up in the streets with our flags, with our boots starting to hit pavement, we are going to march straight past you.

Pro Patria.

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Half the world is protesting against globalism.

Civilians only care about the internet and fiat.

The next 2 weeks are crucial to your survival as the American Republic.

If civilians fail at voicing their concerns to SCOTUS, a without rule of law scenario is imminent.

You either join the Patriots already in the streets protesting the Fraud and Steal of the 2020 Election or you watch active duty members, veterans and SF/SO guys clean house and never look you in the eyes again. They have already mustered their militias.

Living life for Internet and Fiat in a divided nation or Life and Liberty living under the Constitution.

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Half the world is protesting en masse against globalists.

If you North American civilians don’t step up to the plate and get in the streets to demand truth and justice for treason, sedition and insurrection the veterans will start lining up in the streets marching past you.

You don’t want that.

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This time there will be no victims...only dead.

Educate yourselves and others around you with Truth and Justice and you can hopefully avoid this.

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As far as I’m concerned Americans should be about America First.

Israelis should be about Israel first.

Canadians should be about Canada First.

All nations should be about themselves first.

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The next 12 days determines if America the Republic lives or dies.

You as civilians have two options, sit around and watch it unfold on the Internet with your memes and let the blood continue to flow or get in the streets with your fellow Patriots and demand justice for treason, sedition and insurrection.

Those are your two options.

In 1776 Americas population was 3 million. 2-3% of colonists fought against the Empire for which the sun never set. Only 45% of colonists fully supported the war while 20% supported Britain. 1 in 20 able bodied white free males living in America died during the war. 6.5% is the population participation rate during the war, higher than any American war since WWII.

You are walking on the razors edge to a without rule of law scenario if you as civilians don’t stand up for the Republic.

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Walking on the razors edge to a without rule of Law scenario.

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Quit being a scared little bitch and looking for someone to empower you...

It’s the year 2020 and we have 20-30 year old civilians talking like memesters and using lol in their vernacular...

Good luck.

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I have, plan on going again and again and again...

Been to the protests, waved the flags of my grandfathers, talked and met some very nice and fed up countrymen and women. Fought in the GWOT, lost good friends and cherish the memories and memorabilia they gave me.

The world is protesting, Scotsman, Irishman, Britains, Frenchman, Italians, Slovakians, Germans, the list goes on and fucking on.

Time for you to figure out your priorities as civilians.

Remember 9/11, WMD Iraq, Saddam, Taliban in Afghanistan, OBL Oil Pipelines fucking poppy fields...


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