5minutes2midnight [S] 5 points ago

You wouldn’t be an enslaved American if you gave up the citizenship...👍🏻

5minutes2midnight [S] 1 point ago

“They know something is coming and that’s all they need to know”, that explains what I heard in the x22 report from yesterday..

5minutes2midnight [S] 5 points ago

So thenJohn Kerry, Chris Van Hollen, bob menedez plus 1 more need to go into quarrantine ASAP since they were just over there.

5minutes2midnight [S] 3 points ago

Yeah if if The Donald had 700+ (Really a lot more due to number suppression) on there why are we not anywhere near that number on here?

5minutes2midnight [S] 4 points ago

Volunteer at the local polling places - take NO chances of people messing with ballots!