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worse than a lie... publicly "bitching" that the bailed out protestors are keeping the money is actually just advertising for round 2.

They just told every psyco in the country that if they go out and destroy shit, they will get paid for it.

...just in time for them to all be told that "tRuMp Is sTEalInG tHe ELeCtiOn"

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This has been the plan all along.

Get arrested, Soros .org bails out protestor (using mass printed chinese dollars), protestor keeps money, rinse, repeat.

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Yeah i've made myself a homestead and spend almost all my time here.

I work from home running two businesses that don't require a ton of constant attention, so i all my free time (that isn't burned up browsing td.win) is spent working on the house and the property.

I do have a well, and rainwater collection, and a mountain of bottled water...

My biggest concern is getting the property secured and getting myself fully independent from the power grid. Solar systems are expensive, batteries alone are just bonkers... but not having a power bill is one thing i'm most proud of.

I'm very limited right now, have to run the genny from time to time to charge up... so i need more PV and storage and i'll be all set.

Once i get there, the only real concern would be home invasion... and i've spent the past year setting things up to make that a very hard thing to do even for some determined people.

I'm not the guy who's going to go out looking for a problem... but god help whoever comes here looking for one... cause they are gonna find it.

All my family and close friends know to come here if SHTF, at that point it would take an army to get me out of this place.

From here on out i'm just stocking up on canned/dry goods and ammo. if things are going to get crazy i'm ready for just about everything.

Hope every patriot can do the same.

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The original scene from poolhall junkies (a movie that Ricky Schroder is in too BTW)


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I think you mean mag(azine).

People who say "clip" sound like people who say "fully semi-automatic".

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Everyone has a hobby. Some guys like fishing, other guys like to work on cars, this judge likes to suck on Obama's dick.

Obama only "warned" Trump about one person that we know of, and that person was Flynn.

This worthless piece of shit judge kept attacking Flynn because Obama wanted him to, because Flynn knows way too much and spoke out against things he was supposed to accept.

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I just picked up lots more .223 and a 5+1 remmy

Had to search a bit and pay a bit more but it was worth it.

Packed the chest freezer full of half a hog and a bunch of chickens too.

I've been preparing for this shit my entire adult life.

So have all of us.

They have no idea what they are begging for.

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You're close, but thats not all of it...

This plan works two ways... the first way they take control, this obviously isn't working and i don't think it was their real goal.

The second way is when we catch them and they use their mockingbird media and big tech to inspire all their cultists to tear this country apart by screaming "hitlers rise to power" or some such bullshit.

Be ready.

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Bitch looks like her pussy smells like a red lobster dumpster


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This dude not only knows exactly what in the fuck is going on here... but he's able to articulate it in a way most people can understand and be outraged by.

He needs to be amplified.

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They would just claim they were all fired and then have their buddies in big tech censor/silence them.

Yeah we would know what is going on, but the normies wouldn't.

Same thing they are doing with this clearly stolen election.

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Nothing is live, there is at least a 30 second delay, there is a dump button built into broadcasts just in case someone says something really crazy like "there's a nuke coming".

They would absolutely use the dump button for something like that.

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Yeah for sure.

I guess i'm saying "why not both"

1/2 the dream team is going after the legal cases, the other 1/2 going for dominion/smatrtmatic/scytl/whatever...

Meanwhile whatever else we can lump onto the pile the better.

When this whole thing starts to come out the laptop dump will just give more credence to saying "FUCK NO" to joe.

At this point we need to just push all in with everything we have, hit them from all angles and show them no mercy.

For some it will be the vote theft, for others it will be the admission of "great reset" plans, for others it will be this laptop shit...

Others might need a combination of all of it.

Bottom line is we need to be pressing all the buttons, just really fuck their shit up from every angle of attack possible in the hopes that we can do this the peaceful way and not the way we are all ready to go.

...And by "peaceful" I of course know that if the truth prevails the DS will push their cultists over the edge into a violent frenzy when trump gets re-elected... but at least we'll have the legit victory to bolster our side and give us the justification to stop them if/when it comes to that.

The world knows this was a stolen election, everyone is watching, it's next to impossible this ends without shots fired but we at least have to try.

Thats what separates us from them.

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You're getting downvoted and thats shitty because i understand where you are coming from...

But think of it this way.

Biden can't be president because of the shit on this laptop.

If we only prove the laptop contents then yes, this does put kamaltoe in office but if this can be used to paint a broader picture of china helping to steal the elections we may indeed need this evidence and what can be dug up within, to hammer home the point we are trying to make.

...That we are under attack from china and the democrat party is being controlled by them.

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Thats simply not true and here's why...

She had been sending in all her rulings via underlings and legal aids for months... which means none of the other justices even saw her in that time period.

There is a whole ton of evidence about this but the most convincing for me was when someone decided to run the only photo of her officiating that wedding through a fake image detector and it's clearly shopped.


Meaning there were no pictures of her for months leading up to her "death".

Meaning she could have been dead for months and nobody, not even the other SCOTUS members, would have had any way of knowing.

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She was already dead.

There was one picture of her at that "wedding" (which was the first time she had been seen in months) and that photo is easy to toss into a fake img detector and see how fake it is.

One of two things happened...

Either they thought they could leverage her death that close to the election to gain political capitol


Somehow the Trump team forced them to admit she was dead.

But she was already dead.

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How about NO forgiveness.

People who spend 4 years being indoctrinated in communist bullshit while they get their diversity of feminist interpretive dance therapy degree...

They made their decisions, they should have to be be accountable.

Same with people who got into a mortgage they can't afford.

Saying one person getting free shit is more important than others getting free shit is still people getting free shit and not something anyone should support.

Because at the end of the day "free shit" = shit the rest of us wind up paying for.

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If you call yourself the thing that someone used to defend themselves from being killed... you'd think they would be proud of the kid... not pulling their advertising from people who help the kid out.

I'll never buy anything from BRCC again, and it's a shame because i always try to support vets... but no way i can give them another dime.

It's a betrayal.

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To be fair, North America isn't exactly prime coffee growing climate.

But i was always supportive of them for being a group of vets who cared about the country and started a coffee business doing it their way.

That ended for me today.

It'd be one thing if they just didn't get involved, i wouldn't be proud of them but i wouldn't hate them like i do right now. To just spit in the face of a kid who was defending himself from a violent mob of people who hate this country makes me sick.

This is a major mistake and they are about to pay for it. Sad to see them go but they made their decision to not support an Americans right to defend himself.

They took an oath, it wasn't temporary.

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These voting systems are used in countries that have ranked/weighted voting. in those countries you pick your first choice, your second, your third, etc... the votes are then ranked and if your first choice doesn't have enough votes, your second choice can get a fraction of your vote.

In other words...

It's blatant proof that they used an algorithm to change the vote totals.

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The news started filling people's heads with "all trump supporters are nazi's" well before trump won the election in 2016. this took place almost a year after he won... so two years after the media took it upon themselves to inspire this sort of thing in their idiot masses that still trust them.

This bernie asshole shot up a country music concert for the same reason that other bernie asshole shot up a GOP ball practice.

Blind hatred inspired by their cult leaders.

There is no reason to use this as "cover" to assassinate someone, there are far better/easier ways to pull that off. This guy just hated Trump and his supporters and wanted to kill them, which is why we will never hear about it.

Gotta keep up that narrative that all mass shooters are republican "racists"... can't let people find out that the media are societal arsonists who inspire this sort of hatred and violence in mentally unstable people.

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I honestly hope they do. Now that Trump is past his re-election he's free to do whatever he needs to do without fear of backlash at the voting booth.

It's army time from here on out.

You want to BurnLootMurder you get the full force of the military putting you down.

I mentioned this in another thread but if the military snags the rioters for sedition, they can raid their shit, scrape their data from their pc/phones, then use that data to map the entire antifa/BLM/soros funded insurgency.

Toss them all in fed pen for 20.

They deserve much worse.

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Look at the timing... this was right after Trump won.

Bernie bro, rents a room overlooking the concert venue, smuggles a ton of guns and ammo up to his room, just so happens to be the night of a country music concert (majority trump voters).

The only reason we don't have a clear motive is because the propaganda networks can't have the high score going to a socialist. It helps them to lie about the affiliations of shooters when they are democrat cultists and only mention affiliations if/when they can link them to trump supporters.

Just like Whitler Smolletes kidnapping plot, they tried to claim they were trump supporters until vids and social posts started popping up showing they were BLM anarchists.

Then "poof" they just vanish into the either of new propaganda distractions.

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