420MAGA [S] 22 points ago

he fucking killed it. Mail-in voting would be the end of our Republic.

420MAGA [S] 2 points ago

Where can I download this audio clip. I want to put it on my instagram story and trigger some lib friends

420MAGA [S] 3 points ago

You guys are absolutely incredible. Willing to donate here as well - whatever can make this place even better is worth the investment.

Top thing I'd love to see is how many other pedes are online.

420MAGA [S] 15 points ago

Think the server's overloaded. Mods, Gods, please open a gofundme or something so we can upgrade this shit

420MAGA [S] 13 points ago

I was thinking while reading through this thread how much I missed this smart pede autistic shit

420MAGA [S] 23 points ago

Burr is more loyal to Warner than to his constituents. One of the swampiest people in DEC

420MAGA [S] 1 point ago

The mods of this site are modern day patriots, fuck reddit. This place is ready.

420MAGA [S] 9 points ago

God bless the people who took time to build this site. Keep it up!