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For the love of God....arrest Ilhan and her accomplices now. Video evidence....what more do we fucking need for this woman to be put behind bars?????

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We are so "inclusive" and "diverse" that we won't allow you to speak your mind. We hate frogs. Especially that raaayseeeest one.

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Anytime brother, I will listen.

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Hey Pede...you want to talk, vent, get stuff off your chest...pm me. I don't care what you want to talk about, I will listen. Also I will say, it would be benificial to you to reach out to https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

My offer is open to you anytime. Feel free to message me.

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Cool photo, cool gear....just don't point the gun at the photographer.

Edit: Downvoted for promoting gun safety....ha...ok.

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Some say you can still hear her REEEEEE over the Willamette Valley.

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Things that destroy liberal marriages....children identifying as their gender.

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Uhm....hey pope....you get rid of your guards first. After thats done, come and take mine. I'll wait.

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I'm curious about the "other white nationalist symbols." I bet they were American Flags.

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Dewine is a piece of shit that needs to be put behind bars for what he did.

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Waaait a minute...their rice is now called B.O. Great marketing.

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This guys face looks like a junior highschool kid's notebook filled with shitty doodles while being bored in class.

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This whole defense of "They dont have a womb so they cant decide what I do with my body" defense is bullshit. So what if the lawmakers are men. THE POPULATION VOTED THEM IN. Therefore the population wants laws to stop abortion. Guess what crazy lib girls....the population has women in them that back up the people they voted in to get these laws passed. So shut the fuck up with your weak ass excuses. Laws are not passed and only have merit if a woman passes them or if a guy passes them. If this shit applies....then why the fuck are women making gun laws when they never held a gun in their life. Shut up and quit being a fuckin child killing murderer.

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