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You can police your own language and I'll handle mine.

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Lol being unable to perform elementary research makes you retard. Hopefully this sorts things out a bit for you.

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Conservative free press is a fairly credible news aggregate. I trust them to vet or correct their news as they have a record of doing so.

And it's a Twitter post.

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Have you ever heard the saying live by the sword, die by the sword?

I'm going for a more peaceful end so I'm living by the titties. I eagerly await my death.



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The auther looks exactly as you think xhe does. All the really good writers remove their contact info from their bio.

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I bet you see now why Biden was the only choice. Patriots are in control. You are watching a show. Your bet will come through. You chose wisely. ;)

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If you have to wear one, resist. Unite with others and fight back. God didn't make me with a mask.

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The only way is the military. In order to protect and preserve the nation. Against all threats foreign and domestic. Justice is coming.

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The brilliance of this is something to be admired.

First he tied the left and the moderate dems together. Remember that?

Now. He's using fracking to fracture them again. This is incredible. Books must be written. Caves must be painted. Nothing can stop what is coming.

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And his son.

Only after defeating corn pop did Joe become big pop. And you don't fuck with big pop. Did Beau know too much?

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Maybe you should do a bit of your own research, professor.

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My source is my child. The image is a visual aid for you. The post is the source of the image. Have a great day!

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It's not OK to be an idiot. Learning is important. China lied to you. It's not cool to be so stupid you cannot function.

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