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You know they’ve rioted looted and burnt down every major American city over this lie right? With full support and endorsements of communists and their plans for America?

This is not divisive and I suggest you get with the fucking Program

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I've come to hate Chauvin. I know it's not his fault and I stand behind him in principle, but i really fucking hate that guy after all this.

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couple tried to run the police over, couple decided fight...point is: FREEZE AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK.

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Nah yer 100% right, a different article I read had the info about all that it was just cucked so I didn’t link it.

I was laughing at you rightly telling me to source or GTFO. I love this place.

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Lol. The fact they’re taking up the case is the denial. Maybe they’ll end up deciding to give it to the Dems but it won’t be before the election that’s for sure. Maybe not til 2021

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i guarantee you the path America is on now is how it started though

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god the image of her gums chomping around an apple...disgusting

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Ok so the neighboring city...I’m so sorry this is happening to you jasper.

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no can do fren. I have smashed enough drywall and ruined too many days with anger these past couple years.


TRUMP 2020

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Facebook is still the best way to redpill for me.

Mostly i post the best trump memes to "normalize" Our Great President. Then I'll go hard with attack memes on the Dems.

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I didn’t even bother reading the article sorry. But I can summarize:

Miller man bad. Anonymous source familiar with how phones work says he thought about phoning someone to build camps for minorities.

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it's a fucking meme. good morning to you too. Try not to call other centipedes shills anymore today.

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