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The shooting took place on October 10th. I looks to me, ANTIFA boy requested his ballot on 10/9 and it sat around until he got out and voted. My guess he either delivered it in person or voted in person.

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Tuckers still a cuck. He said out loud that the Democrats won this election.

It’s almost like they just want us to accept this one and we will fix it later. I’m sure they would like that.

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The fact they let him out on election day after a political killing, with enough time to still vote, says enough.

Lee Keltner wasn't able to vote because of this fuck.

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Talk with other Milwaukee pedes you know! The lack of comments here so far is a little concerning.

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He dropped the hammer on questioning too and they still voted to certify. The system is broken. People need to be punished.

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You gotta quote the whole thing, its great...

“When he was eight he believed he was a porcupine, then at 12 a squirrel, now he’s a deer. It could be worse, he could be a homosexual,” his mother argued.

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Yup Rantingly here too. Though only when I’ve read everything here first.

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I’ve been listening to war room for the last 2 weeks and I don’t listen to talk radio or anything.

My opinion is it’s good but not great. I feel he keeps his voice levels the same ifs it’s breaking news or something irrelevant. It makes it easy to miss some of the good points he makes. Especially after 2 hours.

That’s just me of course.

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It angers me so much that finance news is now so fucking biased. Finance should be immune to political bullshit unless it’s on fiscal policy. These mother fuckers are talking about G20 pandemic news and then lying about it.

I mean go to CNBC right now.. top stories are all Trump and Biden. Fuck them. They are dead to me.

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Exactly what I was thinking. That line would disintegrate when one of their buddies head pops from a 5.56 round. I can see 75% of those fucks running and not looking back.

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Sure, but this being a political killing and the timing of bail is suspicious as fuck.

The fact he shot a Trump supporter that was retreating during a political protest while also working as an unregistered security guard should have kept this fuck in jail.

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Proof - Article of being released on bail: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2020/11/03/matthew-dolloff-bonds-out-jail-denver-shooting/

Matt Dolloff information: https://www.mylife.com/matthew-dolloff/e52296765796398

Colorado Ballot Tracker: https://colorado.ballottrax.net/voter/dashboard

This is unbelievably fucked up. This man kills a patriot and gets out on bail in just enough time to vote.

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I have been. I’ve also noticed their prices all going up. Prices going up and people not working because of the virus is going to be a bad combination in the long run.

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