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Doubt it—having an elite upper class of cunts is basically British culture.

If they had an independence day they just wouldn't be poms anymore.

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Hahaha damn right! They're trying to say these two being similar is somehow bad; absolutely delusional.

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Labour Party is in ashes—Democrat Party is melting down: damn right the hair is winning.

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I said the same thing yesterday, this place makes the reddit censorship 1000% more obvious. We might not even have 1% of reddit on here, and yet already the same number of upvotes.

The subscriber count is going to be in the tens of millions.

Imagine the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when fake news is forced to report on our subscriber count over here.

The future:

"Why is there such a massive difference in subscriber counts between thedonald.win and r/the_donald?"


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I'm betting it's going to be past 10 million. Maybe 20+ million. We're bigger than the biggest reddit subs, which are full of bots anyway, judging by our activity alone.