2020magavision 6 points ago

I have been in this exact same situation (except it was a black dude and I did NOT have a gun) so I feel for them. I'll be sending money!

2020magavision 2 points ago

Agreed 10000% "Beware the fury of the patient man" cause we're about there!

2020magavision 3 points ago

I was just thinking today that I needed to get back up to speed on all things HCQ+Z and... here it is!! I love this place so much! Happy 4th everyone!

2020magavision 21 points ago

That was my first thought. Why remove it? It's been posted and reposted millions (a billion maybe) of times... because oh yeah, it's true, that's why.

2020magavision 30 points ago

We need Castle Doctrine for vehicles, NOW!!!! Also, get your vehicle cams and install them so the liberal judges can't screw you in court. This is escalating, we are far from done.

2020magavision 1 point ago

something something... barn door and a horse!... jeez, they're retards.

2020magavision 7 points ago

Ngo Justice!! Ngo Peace!! Andy Ngo literally has taken one for the team multiple times and I admire him for never giving up.

2020magavision 1 point ago

Such an important move on so many levels. He just keeps slamming out these improvements, like a General taking fire on three sides while fighting forward and WINNING.

2020magavision 1 point ago

Free speech must be protected. Twitter clearly has an agenda and is limiting/censoring speech. But please be careful to consider laws and policies that could be used against conservative media if a democrat gets in power.

2020magavision 9 points ago

Thanks, Radical Left, for massively overplaying your hand! Pretty soon, the middle won't care when hippy white kids get the shit kicked out of them (deservedly) and peace will return to our fair land.

2020magavision 2 points ago

1000% this. I have no white guilt. The Constitution combined with a strong President to implement and protect it is all we need as a society.

2020magavision 10 points ago

This is the Mayor's problem and then the Governor's. Let them suffer the consequences while simultaneously red pilling the insulated liberal masses.

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