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The older I get, the less 'life in prison' is a deterrent...

I'm getting older by the day.

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Can depend on the specific service as well. I was in subs for a decade, and I expect the captains of the various boats I was on would have zero complications with stabbing a finger at Harris and stating "Fuck off you commie twat".

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Yeah. Polis' one redeeming quality is he won't do anything to tarnish his image... So unless he gets a talkin' to from one of the 'name' democrats, he tends to just stay over in his multi-millionaire corner and count his money.

So, yeah - could be worse I suppose.

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I'm guessing it'll be similar to the smoke and mirrors that brought us Hillary's pickle jar on national TV...

"Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see"

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It's all about the money.

The rank and file of most military branches are pretty based, but the higher up the chain you go the more liberal they tend to get.

It's the same with any GS agency really.

Eventually you get to the upper echelons who directly suckle the government teat. And when Trump threatened to dry up that teat to spread the wealth around, they freaked out and started a coup.

That's really all it is.

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At this point I'm starting to suspect that no one has actually successfully voted for anything in these major population centers for a decade or more.

Here in Colorado a lot of people are suspicious because we can't find anyone who actually voted for Polis. The assumption is that he wasn't elected, he was installed - and now the evidence of this process is starting to surface in other places.

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I highly suggest reading "The Dictator's Handbook", it explains why it's so hard to drain the swamp; because politics is all about appeasing/funding the 'essentials' who actually hold the keys to power while convincing the 'replaceables' (us) that we need to keep calm and cary on funding it all.

See, the people who can hold office for literal generations understand that their boss will only be around for 4-8 years maximum. If said boss threatens to dry up the government teat on them, they fight like hell to prevent that from happening. If said boss might fatten said teat, they'll help in any way they can.

Barr is a career teat suckler and knows that:

A) He has already retired once, which is essentially winning the government game.

B) Trump threatened the teat, so the lifetimers will be fighting to replace Trump.

C) He has a nice fat government pension that the lifetimers will scuttle if he helps Trump.

So his decision is pretty simple; either way he's done in 2021, so he can "do the right thing" and retire penniless or he can "do nothing" and buy that new bass boat with his pension and retire with no worries.

It really is that simple, and is the YUGE reason we need term limits.

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Joe Biden Presidency: "The Best Government Money Can Buy"

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I don't have anything so important to say that it requires an audience, so I've not noticed.

I do like having a "feed" of people I like to check up on though, so I'll stick around.

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Just use the MilSpec medical treatment and you'll be fine: Motrin and hydrate, and possibly change your socks. :D

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We need to turn Denver/Boulder into a separate state, then things will get back to normal for those of us outside the Liberal Breeding Pits.

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Denver/Boulder is the problem... There's 1 person per three square miles in Colorado, but there's 30000 people per square mile in Denver Metro - so we all have to do what they say.

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Service Guarantees Citizenship!

Letting the military pay for schooling worked for me as well, and as an added bonus you learn leadership skills and acquire personal responsibility too. Win-win.

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Burn your TV - it's the only way to be sure.

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Because why settle for making millions off of the leftist cult when you can make tens of millions off of them.