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I like this pede. Username and sense of humor check out!

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I've said before, socialists are those who can't hack it in a free market, competitive society, so they wish to vote in legalized mass theft aka socialism.

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Thanks you for everything you guys do! #backTheBlue

People don't goddamn understand that we have 900k cops, if each has 10 interactions per day, that 9 MILLION jobs well done, unheard, unnoticed, just taken for granted.

People don't understand scale.

We could have a police shooting once a WEEK, that's still 467,999,948 police/civilian interactions a year that GO WELL.

I would like to add a significant addendum to this however. LEO vote in 2016 was 50/50 Trump/Hillary. Military was 70/30 Trump/Hillary.

Do I think those proportions hold true today? No I don't. If anything, cops might be 70/30 Trump, military could well be 90/10 Trump.

Any thoughts? And thanks for what you guys do.

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I read the whole thing. You will go far.

Occams Razer is a foreign concept to pretzel-logic lefties.

I'm a libertarian software engineer, and I realized I belong to no party, though raised and rebelled against conservative upbringing. Never voted before, voting straight red this November in person.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a progressive in the true sense of the word (ie Elon Musk is actually making progress) but then what with rise of the entitled SJW's, I realized I had far too much work ethic and love of freedom to be anything but red-voting Constitutionalist/Nationalist/Capitalist.

Every leftist is someone who couldn't hack it in a capitalist, competitive, free marketplace lol, and now want to vote in legalized theft via socialism LOL.

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IQ data debunked


Tell him he can't get through the 1st page of the Mensa test then.

Hint, "warehousing" facts, helps you ZERO. You could memorize Encyclopedia Brittanica A-Z and it wouldnt help you one bit on a Mensa test.

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Welcome, fren. And nice username. Blatriot has a cool ring to it!

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Neither do I. The data is plain as day. Non whites are ruining America.

Multiculturalism is a disaster, despite all the exceptions to the rule, like based POC types. Most of them define the rule.

Decades of immigration data show they vote 2:1, 70% leftwing.

The only 2 things that would make happier with Trump is: 1) Repeal Hart Cellar Act, 2) 1000X ICE budget.

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2 years ago I didn't even know the word "repatriation".

Today: repatriate everyone.

This fucko from my work this week, Hispanic, has zero English, in MN, who I've seen every now and again for a year now, he's had a year to learn ANY English, asked me this week "Habla Espanol?" To try and have a convo. I straightup asked him "Habla Ingles?" (You speak English!?)

Fuck you man. How dare you ask me in my homeland if I can be bilingual for your stupid ass? I know Spanish btw. Not for him. Not any entitled motherfucker. I've never been more insulted.

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