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I’m curious what he is getting his information from. As of now we are about to lose Arizona and Georgia. One more state and it’s done. So if there is evidence it needs to come out like yesterday.

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This would be equivalent to someone holding a gun to your head and making you sign a check. Then arguing in court it’s legit because you signed it

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Looks like they may have signed but then have an affridavit saying they were threatened and promised. They are not sure what will hold up according to John Solomon. It seems like they would side with the people

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Is there anything that is stating this. It seems these news organizations are now saying they did certified.

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If anything it’s probably the DOJ flying out to personally apologize for how bad orange man has been and to promise to never investigate their voting system

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How are they going to throw out ballots when they aren’t auditing them in the first place?

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Judge: this is typical since joe Biden won by massive amounts

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And yet the Georgians just sit there and twiddle their thumbs instead of out in mass protest.

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The magic trump lover that never heard of this site until today and only has two posts!

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Have you noticed these people are scared of the government. Wonder if it’s time they start being more afraid of citizens ?

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Just looking at this March it’s a powder keg. In the past republicans just rolled over and took their beating. Feels different

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I agree. If they destroy the evidence than that’s a different story IMO because you can’t really have election integrity at that point. So I would agree with you

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I mean we need to prove fraud. If the GOP cucks can’t prove fraud and audits then they get what they deserve. This may be down voted but if Biden has more votes in Michigan and they can’t prove fraud I’m not sure we should be advocating for this. We know fraud happened but I feel these RINO fucks are going to somehow fuck us

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