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I have never seen a truer meme

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They wouldn't be crying if they thought Biden had a chance!

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including in retrospect

Yep, unless we build a time machine, lockdowns forever.

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Aw I thought he road over the commie's head. Just walked his bike over, too bad

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If I closed my eyes and imagined what the founder of 1619 project looked like, I would imagine a fat black female clown. Was not dissappointed.

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Is Biden a habitual liar, or is his memory that bad, or does he suffer from schizophrenia?

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That's an awful lot of dusty snatch.

Pretty sure half of them are dudes.

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Its not racist, its just statistics. You are statistically far more likely to get attacked/killed by a young black male than any other group. Even black people know that. Keep your head on a swivel.

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Its kind of hard to visit reddit anymore. Any sub over 10k users is totally taken over by left wing propaganda. But its still the best place on the internet to see mental breakdowns like when rbg died.

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Im sorry but how do you get traumatized at your. tv studio job? Its not like you are getting shot at. Someone was mean to you, get over it. So Elen is bitch, then quit, don't play victim.

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WHitE SUpreMACusT DOg whIStlE!

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Honestly, things like this are better indicators for the election than anything else. Seems like everyone except our media and their dwindling viewers know how this is going to go.

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You know asians and hispanics and anyone mixed-race was like "WTF" too. This marxist movement should have stuck with "people of color". Making it all about black people is racist and off-putting for almost everyone.

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Its also why his brother "killed himself" in front of his mother.

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Even someone in a bubble knows roughly how many people live in the country. Especially a candidate to run the country. No, Biden has completely lost it. All he has left is the ability to read, and that is quickly slipping away.

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Its not. Her name is Chiara de Blasio and she doesn't look like that. Nice try though Fake News

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And voted against Kavanaugh confirmation.

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If he walks off the stage under his own power it will be the best debate performance they had ever seen

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