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Never worried about handling it.

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But it is prays fault that it's happening to me

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Nah some user actually just comes on here with his alts and downvotes

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I like to call it the u/pray_for_kekistan fanclub

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kek I'm going to tell you what you fagoty ass mods told me on my real account when I tried to get help with a bitch just like you who has been down-voting everything for months. "get over it bro. it happens" So get over it, "bro" and get used to it. It will continue as long as my real account is getting a down-vote on every single comment, in blocks of as many as I post within an hour or two, without action by mods to deal the obsessed freak's account. I will not relent. I consider this account wasted. I won't receive a reply here. Talk to the admin and do something about spam down-voting if you don't like it.

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no, I would see a mod action on it and one did take place. I will discuss with the devs and make sure my understanding of the functionality is correct, but you my have found a bug which i am not sure if I am happy about or concerned about.

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(downvote me anytime. I do not care at all. I am only trying to assist, my history is full of downvotes. I am acting as a mod and speaking to the best of my ability without divulging somethings that would harm the community.)

well it isn't "100" and it seems like the other mod may have confused everyone a little bit with his comment. The intention of comment limits are on huge threads like the debates, rnc, live hearings where thousands of comments would bring the site down.

  1. I see these comments as you have linked them so they were registered in the DB

  2. the sort suggestion will tell you which comments you will see, top, old, worst, and new. A new top level comment will not been seen in a top sorted post over a new child comment if that makes sense.

  3. I see your comments both in your user history and in the full comment thread. I will let the dev team know that there is actually a bug in here and your comment was not able to be seen.

Speaking for the mod team I do apologize for that and we will quickly work to resolve

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Nah, we're all looking for where doggos chewed up the cord

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Let's be honest, you'd be banned in a day.

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I've got to push a button to make an "M" most of us only do that when we are officially being mods. In this comment section I was just having fun with everyone, not sharing information or acting in a mod capacity. You should not see the m without mod information.

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Go for it. Mods all use the same password. "Hunter2" just don't tell anyone.

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Ha ha it's very true. Doggos is on 23.5 hours a day 7 days a week.

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He's the best boss i can ask for.

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The guy running our Twitter sleeps 23.5 hours a day

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Wow... this guy hit me in the feels. His story is one I've heard before though.

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