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Who else could it be? Some other CIA plant inside the White House?

Who else could it be? Some other CIA plant inside the White House?
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1in1024th 3 points ago

you can't say that name here!

oh wait... ;D

Political 2 points ago

Obama himself.

marsajane1949 2 points ago

I don't think so. Just because Schiff kept trying to not have his name named as the whistleblower when he supposedly doesn't know who the whistleblower is. Plus by all the testimonies (especially Vindmans) their comments all point to him.

OneOfMany_MAGA 1 point ago (edited)

If you were Eric Ciamarella and you were not the whistleblower, but many national publications and politicians were naming you the whistleblower, what would you do?

You would yell from the rooftops that it is NOT you. You would be on news shows blasting RealClearInvestigations and others for wrongly publicizing your name.

Instead we get.... silence.

To answer your question - no. There is no way it isn’t him.

DrGreygoose 1 point ago

Well, if that were me and I was being accused, I would come out and hold a press conference clearing my name and sue everyone. Not go into hiding. Just saying.

spez_this 1 point ago

It could be her brother Eric. (Sorry, couldn't resist - typos happen.)

Trump4a3rdTerm 1 point ago

Like maybe a 1% chance. But nah, he's the guy.