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Jeweinb 84 points ago

this needs to be on my facebook feed.

ThiefOfGod [S] 47 points ago

Make it happen! I don't have cuckbook or I would.

TrumpTrain 27 points ago

This is hate speech. You’ve been banned

ThiefOfGod [S] 21 points ago

Funny you say that, I just asked who this Eric Ciaramella guy is I keep hearing about and it never posted on reddit. Hahaha. Then again, maybe it was our mods trying to keep us alive until this site is fully operational.

The__Michael 7 points ago

Eric Ciaramella is a incel in the intel

RikyStew 3 points ago

Got no brain; gone insane.

shadypollster 3 points ago


Hillarys_Diaper 14 points ago

I deleted my cuckbook sometime last year.

ThiefOfGod [S] 11 points ago

You're one smart diaper

dakrare 13 points ago

In soviet california, too poor for bag of dicks. Loosey dicks from corner store.

ThiefOfGod [S] 4 points ago

You gotta do what you gotta do. $20 is $20

CarpenterRichard 3 points ago


NavyGuy 3 points ago


Shadowman3001 31 points ago

Oh, another thing you can't talk about on The_Donald:

Helicopters and their creative uses.

OhLollyLollyPop 15 points ago

Creative uses? I know one. Check out the 2019 White House Marine One helicopter tree ornament. It's gorgeous and gold trimmed. Got one for my grandson and he loves it. Our POTUS loves the Marines!

CaptainChrisPBacon 14 points ago *

It has been a long time...But Don't Commies get thrown out of Helicopters.

ThiefOfGod [S] 10 points ago

Yes, yes they do.

racecar 8 points ago

They should

Toughsky_Shitsky 5 points ago

Only if the helicopters are flown properly.

The_Litehaus_Abides 3 points ago *

Pinochet threw commies out of helicopters. There were some great Pinochet jokes/memes.

spez: one of my favorites with Molyneux


Kek_Johnson 1 point ago

NGOs, paid for by The American Tax Payer, supported Leftist dictators that threw any suspected opposition into a handcuffed gravitationally driven terminal velocity wind using a rotationally thrusted flying machine that's going to give them a headstart into the ground or water.

DarthToenail 2 points ago *

You have a bizarre definition of "leftist". I'm pretty sure those were the ones being thrown out of helicopters.

ThiefOfGod [S] 8 points ago

Neighbors are rotary, I'm fixed wing. Can confirm. Rotary have many many uses.

Sbird907 5 points ago

vuelos de la muerte

NavyGuy 5 points ago

Sure would be awkward if Bill Clinton's helicopter was flown by a pedophile.


EricCiamarella 5 points ago

This site is illegal.

AllLivesMatter 25 points ago

Suck our yuge, patriotic American dicks China.

ThiefOfGod [S] 6 points ago

And slurp on big Chocolate salty balls. Can't neglect those.

eviantears 19 points ago


JeskaiMage 13 points ago

The only thing worse than Democrats is commies...and these days I can barely tell the difference.

ThiefOfGod [S] 8 points ago

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a difference anymore.

malthrax 9 points ago

there hasn't been a difference since before Woodrow Wilson.

Thep1mp 6 points ago

There is no difference.

SubmitToOrder_ 11 points ago

Lol. Trump 2020!

Classic 11 points ago

I'm sure the gay communists would enjoy it

AmericaFirstBitch 10 points ago

This website is beautiful. I’m so fucking happy this exists. Trump 2020 or our country absolutely goes to hell. He’s the only candidate that represents personal freedom

ThiefOfGod [S] 6 points ago

Concur. And username checks out.

wilburh 8 points ago *

The exact thing I wanted to say for the few weeks before I was banned on r/politics and r/worldnews and r/news.. Fuck those commie, anti-american, seditious, tiny-brained, brainwashed, pedophile, libtarded, American-hating, globalist cocksuckers at reddit.

rgsmith66 8 points ago

Of all the memes you glorious bastards have made, this one is by far my favorite. Massive cudos to be pede who created it!

Pede 5 points ago

I didn't create it but I think it's nice too!

MarkusForRealius 3 points ago

I so agree with you. Still my absolute fav. My "go to" meme for MAGA esprit de corps.

VerdantRaze 7 points ago

Large imposing and accurate energy. Get fucked reddit.

OutlawPurpleHairDye 7 points ago

John Brennan is not amused.

ThiefOfGod [S] 5 points ago

Brennan is a turd.

ConvictedFeline 7 points ago

This feels nice. Nothing I say can ban me from Reddit here. It makes me want to.... be decent and respectful.

Mustakrakish6 6 points ago

I miss this. This is the old the_donald i remember.

mossomo 4 points ago

Kek! ?

xBuckeyex 5 points ago

Needs some Christmas lights and some Baby Jesus. Maybe even a nativity.

Harcerz 5 points ago

You dirty, dirty smear merchants! https://youtu.be/JmIyiRIa1fw?t=55

PatriotForFreedom 5 points ago

They make us out to be the threat when its them.

ThiefOfGod [S] 5 points ago

Because we ARE a threat. A threat to their world order.

Roddy 5 points ago


ThiefOfGod [S] 6 points ago

Herrrrroooo! China is asshoe!

PEPE_MEMES_MATTER 5 points ago


Dropgun5Actual 5 points ago

THANK YOU! I lost this when i got a new phone and it was a fucking nightmare trying to search for it again!

ThiefOfGod [S] 2 points ago

Any others that you need?

TreeTop300 5 points ago

Call them Dirty Communists every time, all day, everyday. Drive home!

ThiefOfGod [S] 4 points ago

I actually yell it out my window DURING my drive home.

HighTDonaldTrump 5 points ago

Fuck reddit commies.

ThiefOfGod [S] 4 points ago

Long, hard, and no lube

Oskar 4 points ago

Oh shit. 3 Stickies! tHaTs' aGaInSt ThE rUlEs!

ThiefOfGod [S] 2 points ago

Here at thedonald.win we support common sense sticky control.

DrBJTester 4 points ago

Thanks to all of you that made this possible!

Never give up, Never surrender.

Anarchy404 4 points ago

Better dead than red.

Warren_Puffitt 3 points ago


commie_heli_rides 3 points ago

One of my favs.

redditiscucked 3 points ago

Love how the reddit post links to this one.

EricCiamarella 3 points ago *

That's illegal!!

realPierreDelecto 3 points ago

Is there a way to save posts?

deleted 2 points ago *
The__Michael 2 points ago


Liza 2 points ago

Hey!! I just joined! What've i missed?!

ThiefOfGod [S] 2 points ago

Sort by hot, read the first 2 pages, then sort by top, read the first 2 pages, then rising, read 2 pages, then sort by new, strap in, and prepare for the ride.

_TheConsumer_ 2 points ago

I love this

JunkerJorg 2 points ago

confirmed not doctored

ds420 2 points ago

Would be good as a hat.

deleted 2 points ago
beaustovall 1 point ago

I love this man!

MrPutin 1 point ago

Privyet Tavarishi

impera 1 point ago

Of all memes that this glorious journey has gestated and unleashed, this is my favourite. Simple and cuts right to the heart of the matter, the man is here to clean shop and sweep out the rats, roaches and leeches.

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TEGRIDY 1 point ago


Only the politburo get WHOLE BAG of dicks! ??

PalmettoState 1 point ago

This place rocks.

deleted 1 point ago
ThiefOfGod [S] 4 points ago

He's making sure all the fucktards that still haven't figured out why he won are aware of their only option.

Weiji 1 point ago

This is seriously my all time favorite trump picture

shitposter1776 1 point ago *

You can actually order gummy dicks and have them mailed to people anonymously. https://dicksbymail.com/

oakley 1 point ago

FACEPLANT is the place to be to get your house broken into

gnomenclature 1 point ago

I'm not sure why, but this just cracks me up. The way he's so innocently pointing down .. it's just dang funny.

deplorable007 1 point ago

Careful now! They are sheep & just might try this. LOL