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Freeeeeeeeedom [S] 10 points ago

This☝️☝️☝️ A shit ton of Redpills dispensed daily to kids with commie parents

justforthissubred 22 points ago

I dunno I wouldn't be so quick to recommend...

I had to deny access to TikTok because of all the depraved shit that it was exposing my daughter (14 y/o) to. No thank you. She's having enough trouble figuring out who she is and growing up and doesn't need a bunch of mentally deranged people trying to tell her what's "normal".

BelleVieLime 10 points ago

Truth on that. my 16 year old Daughter has gone through so much self-appointed BS from online.

HeavenlyMystery 3 points ago *

oh no.... She shouldn't listen to BS online but to her parents. Sometimes I don't want to acknowledge my parents, but they're mostly right. They know the risks. But this is only if the parent is responsible.

Opticspete 5 points ago

Yeah as a 16 year old myself I never really got TikTok. It's usually just cringy dancing by egotistic thots, not based at all.