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Toughsky_Shitsky (184 points)

This is why they hate us ...

WilliamWallace (110 points)

H8 us cuz they ain't us.

dbryhitman (66 points)

Same reason they hate Trump.

*random pic of Trump and Melania looking somber somewhere

Libtard: "Look at dese 2. Dey ain't doin' it!"

Cameron (36 points)

I’m sure a post in itself is a breakdown of how massively the left practices each and every one of the seven deadly sins

Hedonism is so hot right now

dbryhitman (25 points)

Yep. I remember a topic on /r/squaredcircle (which is full of cucks, anyway) about a relationship between a male wrestler in his early 40's and a female wrestler in her early 20's which was pretty chaotic.

In their jealousy, they immediately go to the age difference as the reason for the problems.

Nevermind the actual character flaws they have as individuals.

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Earnhardt (23 points)

Hate us cuz they anus

unspecified_user (10 points) *

Those people, they will say things. They will say that it is fake.

Do not fall for this ruse, people. It is not fake. Believe me.

uHateUsCuz (9 points)

right :)

GEOTUS-fan (7 points)

pretty sure they hate us because they're anus

Dudemanfoo (4 points)

And.. they are anus.

64-19-06-24-87 (1 point)

They hate hot women because they're incels

BidenSmellsKids (7 points)

thIS IS whY iM HoTT

plznosteal (6 points)

She’s too old for them anyway.

Jcholl9 (3 points)

They hate us because we have the best hotties!

Desertwhale (51 points)

Holy shit I have that same tank top!

Toughsky_Shitsky (75 points)

Looks 100x better on her, if I'm honest.

Desertwhale (39 points)

I'm not gonna deny that!

fugzshoes (18 points)

You tellin him to take it off?

YugeCovfefe (17 points)

Just fold it respectfully into a triangle

alexnaderthegroovy (9 points)

It's gettin' hot in here!!

Fairshakeplz (34 points)

Does China own Tik Tok? TikTok, which is owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, crossed the 1 billion mark for worldwide installs on the Apple App Store and Google Play, according to data published in February 2019 by Sensor Tower, an analyst group that focuses on the mobile market

Nicholas (21 points)

Can't stop normies from norming. Just a fact. Luckily I aged out of shit like Tik Tok years ago haha.

pure_focused_autism (16 points)

Even I'm not autistic enough for Tik Tok.

Barbieblonde (9 points)

Based on your username, that is saying a lot about Tik Tok!

Seriously I love you Weaponized Autists, you are our secret weapon in this Meme War II!

justforthissubred (14 points)

Keep your kids the fuck off tik tok. A bunch of depraved shit on there.

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rednecktash2 (1 point)

what have you seen?

halleck (9 points)

You know China's just using all that shit as tiny spy satellites they can fly into our homes.

Barbieblonde (8 points)

Smart phones where the battery cannot be removed, are voluntary tethers. Prove me wrong.

Adler (1 point)

Whoever's idea it was that you have to pry a glass screen off and unscrew a bunch of internals, just to persuade the battery out (while praying you don't bend it- fire hazard) is ridiculous. All to save a few milimeters and give us "better water resistance"

It really only makes manufacturers more money (battery stopped working? better buy a new phone!) and things easier for alphabet agencies to snoop around.

BigTrue (1 point)

I’d be willing to bet the Chinese wouldn’t even deny storing every bit of data that was collected by that app.

wWBRoik6sceKP2 (6 points)

Yeah, they're almost certainly using it for profile building of Americans.

pmurTJdlanoD (5 points)

Tucker just did a segment on it tonight. You got it. Scary stuff.

Patriotpede45 (28 points)

That Hatsel is so hot right now

zarus (26 points)

Best part of Republican women?


TheGreenTriangle (2 points)

Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner would like a word with you

Adler (1 point)

still a man!

BasedRedPillZeus (1 point)

We have the best women with vaginas don't we folks?

thedonald2020 (21 points)

hawt damn!

Wal_Mart_Security (17 points)

Hey we should make sub forums

kicklucy (9 points)


Vincenzo (3 points)

I've been pushing for "subwins" but subdonalds is pretty great too.

Wal_Mart_Security (2 points)

Subdonalds is a good one!

Scrybblr (14 points)


RyanFL (3 points)

Your poor phone

FrancisWayland (13 points)

Get on TikTok. There is a ton of Pro Trump content being cranked out. It’s MAGA 2020. Good times.

Patriotpede45 (20 points) *

Uhh, tiktok is a chicom operation... is this not well known yet? It's the backup spy arm of the pla incase Huawei gets totally isolated. Tiktok can't do hardware obv, but it is a red chicom app.

The more you know

erinsanity (11 points)

Suggesting TikTok makes me wonder if this place isn't being brigaded already by shills...

Patriotpede45 (9 points)

Tiktok was also recently the subject of a national security risk investigation

Freeeeeeeeedom [S] (10 points)

This☝️☝️☝️ A shit ton of Redpills dispensed daily to kids with commie parents

justforthissubred (21 points)

I dunno I wouldn't be so quick to recommend...

I had to deny access to TikTok because of all the depraved shit that it was exposing my daughter (14 y/o) to. No thank you. She's having enough trouble figuring out who she is and growing up and doesn't need a bunch of mentally deranged people trying to tell her what's "normal".

BelleVieLime (10 points)

Truth on that. my 16 year old Daughter has gone through so much self-appointed BS from online.

HeavenlyMystery (3 points) *

oh no.... She shouldn't listen to BS online but to her parents. Sometimes I don't want to acknowledge my parents, but they're mostly right. They know the risks. But this is only if the parent is responsible.

Opticspete (5 points)

Yeah as a 16 year old myself I never really got TikTok. It's usually just cringy dancing by egotistic thots, not based at all.

patriotX (13 points) *


Holy fuck that’s the first time I’ve seen Tik Tok. Now I want to kill myself.

YugeOrangeSalami123 (12 points)

take an upper

silentmajority2020 (11 points)

Hottie indeed

Free0fReddit (11 points)

If I had a grand daughter..

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SturdyJohnson (1 point) *

So much MAGA! She is is almost TOO hot.

Punisher (7 points)

Happy and proud beautiful aaaaaaand.... the other side is angry at every headline or breath they take where Donald Trump is still their president, beautiful to them means no personal hygiene or care just pack on weight and lock and load on hair dyes for every gender they feel in a given week.

Nicholas (6 points)

God Bless America!!!

Don't use TikTok... China is Asshole.

sgT_soju (6 points)

No offense OP, but get this TikTok datamining commie link out of T_Dwins!

Opticspete (1 point)

The Chinese communist party is probably better than the democrat party to be honest. At least they put China first.

PotentialWizard (5 points)

It got good by the end.

Warren_Puffitt (5 points)

HFT is a requirement for this website.

  • International MAGA Law.
Baby_yoda_daddy (5 points)

Ugh... Tiktok is cancer

fuzzywhiterabbit (4 points)

TikTok is a Chinese-owned company. I'd be very careful about using any aspect of their services.

Roger_Stone (-2 points)

Yeah! Especially with the weak-Ass position on China the RNC continues to take...

Xi’s Trump’s “friend” so we’re all cucked with sweet and sour sauce now... may as well rope.

1776SoonTM (0 points)

Get your gun instead, loser. Do something useful.

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MythArcana (3 points)

They hate us cuz they anus.

Vincenzo (3 points)

Imagine how mad they'll be if we get subwins going, like hotties for Trump? Although keeping that on reddit is pretty good too.

ktbffhctid (2 points)

Saw this tiktok last night. Thought wow, she is hot and then boom, here she is.


We have the best hotties dont we folks!

WEWLAD (1 point)

Great teeth

SSJ3NAPPA (2 points)

Maga hotties are best hotties😍

rubshands (2 points)

I literally just saw this on tiktok, loved it. There's actually a lot of support on tt

HillarysDoubleChin (2 points)

The best thing about her is her love for Trump. And her hair. And the no penis part

Fuck tik tok though

votetrump4ever (2 points)

isn't tictok being investigated because of its ties to China

madeintheusa (2 points)

But it’s TikTok.. China ass hoe!

milo_hoffman (2 points) *

Man, I love the name Kaylee.

Pylonmadness (2 points)

What a beauty

LoneStarRepublican (2 points)

Same reason the MSM doesn't acknowledge that Our President has a beautiful First Lady, but couldn't fall all over themselves fast enough to pay homage to Michelle.

broarsman (2 points)

A bit weird that it is on tiktok which is owned by the Chinese communist party and generally recognized as frantically spying on behalf of it.

Other than that, I like it.

masedit (2 points)

Tik Tok is a Communist Chinese company. Fuck China.

Thecryptoclub (2 points)

Fuck tiktok

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ThreeLetterPat (5 points)

comment deleted by spez

BelleVieLime (1 point)

hah, also the other girl in red that does some weird clock dance move

EnricoPalazzo (1 point)

I'm here and I love it!

GodBlessAmerica (1 point)

Tik Tok can be very funny.

Justice4Juicy (1 point)

Mmmmm yessssss

BartoloColon (1 point)

does anyone have any cheeseburggerss?

vladimirpoopen (1 point)

the room is dusty AF though

Three (1 point)

Cheesy. Silly. I like it.

craftmo (1 point)

hmm, deplorables on tiktok, grabs popcorn.

Rush2112 (1 point)

Top post when sorting under "Hot." Nailed it!

MAGAWookie (1 point)

Does this mean our ladies can post their freedom orbs on here now?

Don't have to worry about what Hotties for Trump pack in their pants!

BasedRedPillZeus (1 point)

Conservatives are generally better looking, Change my Mind...

It's a confirmed fact that the right has the best women

meltdowner (1 point)

nice hat

protoplast (1 point)

sorted by hot, accurate sorting...

I approve this message for 2020

dhaunatello (1 point)

Meanwhile, liberals get all lathered up over Rosie and Rachel Madcow.

Emerald_Triangle (1 point)

Why are we linking to a China app?

the_meat_boss (1 point)

It’s a damn party over here!

EpstienDidntDie (1 point)

What the fuck is this? Fuck bing bong tik tok and fuck the entire post in general. This is the new sub?

Ghost5525 (1 point)

Outfit upgrade in 3,2,1. I'd totally date her!

TheTrooper424 (1 point)

Bump (don't see how to save yet)

Gonzila077 (1 point)

10/10 would

earl_scheib (1 point)

That’s what tiktok is?

fthecoup (1 point)

Is tiktok owned and controlled by China?? Just seems I heard that on Tucker.

RedditRapefugee (1 point)

So is TikTok just Vine from Communists? I'm basically a boomer at this point

gateway-project (1 point)

Look at the happiness in that pic.

So wonderfully genuine.


MikeObamasPenis (1 point) *

Gimme some dat!

Dapper_Krogan (1 point)

The one time I’ll actually go to tiktok

SamQuentin (1 point)

Freedom boner

Modem (1 point)

Evenin' Faggots... Meme War 2015/2016 Veteran ...ready for more

First comment here. And it’s that this REAL WOMAN is REAL HOT. Cucks be damned!

can we get a tab for just trump hotties

Change of outfit was hot.

jeb_is_a_mess (1 point)


axrevolutionai (1 point)

She is reaaaal

TexasJack (1 point)

I checked this out before and was like "Damn, she's hot."

Looked again a few hours later and...yeah, she's still hot.

Texas-Centipede (1 point)

O snap! MAGA!!

Scorpinox89 (1 point)

No e-girls,no thots,no incels,no degenerates.

PierreDefecto (1 point)

Our hotties are the best hotties.

Zadok (1 point)

Hey, I'm jealous, and I belong here. Gorgeous woman.

Hugh_Don_G (1 point) *

🔥🔥Trump hotties are the hottest hotties🔥🔥

Meta_Mike (1 point)

My dick just got 5 inches higher!

Pepega (1 point)

where can i get that hat

markbrooklyn (1 point)

very nice. thedonald.win for the win!

Kavanaughty (1 point)

Us Trump girls are here to #makeamericasexyagain

ds420 (1 point)


DivineLordTrump (1 point)

Redpill the normies!

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grimbeaconfire (1 point)

This chick is getting a lot of front page time!

BOOG4LOO (0 points)

Make America Splooge Again

ampedUpAlligator (0 points)

Suddenly I’m standing at attention.

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DonaldBlaseyFord (0 points)

I want to lick her butt

ChernobylWitness (0 points)

Lets groom the next congress here.

BetoOrourke (-1 points)

she’s not that hot you weirdo

TD_Account (4 points)

Appropriate username.

deleted (-1 points)
kkkeeekkk (-4 points)


Maga_faga_dingdong (-10 points)

This girl is like 5.5 maybe 6 tops..?

Enigmatikone (9 points)


Name checks out

AnotherTangent (3 points)

Some people are attracted to disgusting, unpatriotic, unwashed garbage. That's fine but I find this lady extremely attractive.