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unspecified_user 79 points ago

That picture makes him look like he's on the prowl looking for one AIDS dick in his ass and one in his mouth.

What I'm saying is it really reflects his personality very well.

Afrikaner_Vrystaat 58 points ago

The fact that he can (and in the past has) edited our comments is terrifying. He could be making any sort of edits to cause false flags within T_D and get us censored at his whim.

AenAllAin 25 points ago

well, if he didn't have an enormous learning disability, he would...

PawelKozak 3 points ago

he will go down in history. DOWN to the bottom

Hckyhillbilly 25 points ago

It actually looks like there may have been one in his ass when the picture was taken.

MrBojangels 16 points ago

Wouldn't he be smiling if so?

Based_Trumpster 8 points ago


PatriotWon 11 points ago

He got resting dick in ass face...

Mean_MAGA_Facka 4 points ago


Babycakes 2 points ago

call Schiff Hoffman. hear he's lookinb

deleted 1 point ago
Based_Trumpster 4 points ago

Dat user name ... lmao!

GenderFluidRetention 7 points ago

Dress for the job you want, I guess.