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Mikeyy5000 (152 points)

The funny thing is we all know Steve Huffman has been, or is here now, downvoting shit and panicking as 7 million users abandon his gulag.

unspecified_user (79 points)

That picture makes him look like he's on the prowl looking for one AIDS dick in his ass and one in his mouth.

What I'm saying is it really reflects his personality very well.

Afrikaner_Vrystaat (57 points)

The fact that he can (and in the past has) edited our comments is terrifying. He could be making any sort of edits to cause false flags within T_D and get us censored at his whim.

AenAllAin (25 points)

well, if he didn't have an enormous learning disability, he would...

PawelKozak (3 points)

he will go down in history. DOWN to the bottom

Hckyhillbilly (25 points)

It actually looks like there may have been one in his ass when the picture was taken.

MrBojangels (16 points)

Wouldn't he be smiling if so?

PatriotWon (11 points)

He got resting dick in ass face...

Dress for the job you want, I guess.

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Based_Trumpster (4 points)

Dat user name ... lmao!

Political (9 points)

Let the tears roll Steve you useless fuck.

Barack0bama (5 points)

more like he is crapping his pants because he knows his usefulness is coming to an end, and the democrats are about to tie yet another loose end

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MagaMan1776 (48 points)


Space_Force (8 points)

Seems sidebar worthy to me.

Joe_Biden (37 points)

You should vote for Trump

Captain_ZooterMan (23 points)

Good advice Sleepy Joe thanks

BudGrillz (10 points)

Well I definitely wasn’t going to vote for you...

You’d probably make smelling kids legal or something...

FriendofTRUMP (7 points)

He'd make it mandatory.

SturdyJohnson [S] (5 points)

Trump can now say "I agree with Joe Biden". NPC heads explode.

poisonpie (32 points)

I can say this now that we aren't on Reddit anymore, Spez looks not right in the head. And honestly that goes for a lot of the Leftist that you see prowling the streets, they just look mentally damaged and soulless, and their hatred is reflected on their visage.

FriendofTRUMP (12 points)

They are! The mental hospitals closed 20 to 30 years ago. The people who were turned out had children. Now it's hard to put someone into a mental facility...unless you say they have guns and are conservatives.

eviantears (7 points)

A horrific aspect of their social interaction is based on enabling each other’s insanity while intentionally remaining silent & not “calling out” each other for being obviously, ummm INSANE.

It’s this complete hypercompartimentalization (is that a word? It makes sense though ...) that allows them to not only be hypocritical but accuse others of far less offenses with extreme outrage. Like the Dems are currently doing; even Michael Obama’s husband ;) was castigated for insisting that they HAVE gone too far left for most Americans. Smh

throwrightt (5 points)

The look you speak of is a combination of myopia and nihilism. L:eftists only think about themselves, so they're selfish, which leads them to think nothing is more important - including decency, let alone eternity

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ChelseaHubbell (20 points)

I wonder what the MSM is going to do to try to shut us down here. You know they don't like this at all

Flurf (12 points)

Can’t let those pesky republicans spread their wrongthink!!

Afrikaner_Vrystaat (10 points)

So I've been digging around and essentially Cloudflare is responsible for providing ddos protection on this dom. Nobody has been able to give me details about where the actual servers are hosted which is a good thing. It's also good that it's not the cucks at cloudflare that are directly hosting us because they have been known to shut down conservatives when the left moans and groans.

What they can do is try and ddos us or get our servers shut down. A targeted ddos would work if they convinced cloudflare to drop us but our server location seems to not be common knowledge which means it's probably going to be a lot harder to get us shut down from the server side. If we do get hit badly by ddos and cloudflare drop us we can always try and switch to another provider but this dom could temporarily be down for a couple of days

Barbieblonde (4 points)

TL;DR : If this site goes down for a few days, don't panic. It happened because globalists/Deep State ordered a hug of death on us and the site needs time to set up at a new server location and transfer their data.

UpTrump (3 points)

AHS is already trying to get cloudflare to shut us down

Barron__Trump (19 points)

So are the upvotes here the actual raw numbers?

Hops4America (5 points)

Big beautiful numbers. The best.

Based_Trumpster (3 points)

Raw as Big Mike's cock in Barak's asspussy.

garlotto (13 points)

You mean not having downvote brigades and algorithmic suppression shows our true numbers? Imagine my shock!

BobbyTwoScoops (9 points)

It is sad to see what has become of Reddit.

ENTP (7 points)




Fiyanggu (7 points)

No PC SJW BS here. I can feel the freedom!

This place is awesome. Thanks guys!

Obamashotgunenema (6 points)

Spez looks like he takes big ol hogs in his vag

Space_Force (3 points)

"Spez hole"

vulvapickles (2 points)

Faggot cock gobbler spez looks malnourished and pale

Based_Trumpster (1 point)

AIDS does that.

Kim_Jong_Un (5 points)

Reddit can't manipulate deez nuts

Hello new website friends

Albertastrong (4 points)

This is awesome!

Thanks for doing this folks.

eviantears (4 points)

Spez is a paid Chinese - National Socialist Shill!!!

Reddit censors for profit on behalf of domestic political parties and foreign nations!!!!

Is reddit a publisher? A platform? What are the legal ramifications?

Is coordinating political dissent against an acting president ... ok?!?!?!???

In the meantime, I’m just gunna make myself at home over here... who wants pistachios?

Barbieblonde (1 point)

I used to love pistachios...until I found out that they along with almonds are among the highest water hogs in the world. Over a gallon of water to create just a single one. I am no climate screamer, but that is a lot of water for a little snack.

Fame (4 points)

What even is that monstrosity of a Spez pic? I thought he couldn't get more cringe worthy. I was wrong!

Spez looks like he once walked in on his wife getting her shit pounded by 3 MAGA-bulls, and just sat down and watched CNN while his eyes watered up with tears and his heart sunk.

Worthless cuck

throwrightt (4 points)

I don't know who's responsible for this place, but God bless the soul who created it. What an absolute 🖕 to the Reddit-lag. Open source and censor-free: That's the way the world is going. In five years, Google and Facebook and their incestuous social media brethren will have lost significant influence, and it will have occurred during our lifetime in the Trump Era. What a time to be alive.

Hops4America (3 points)

Fuck reddit. Fuck huff"man". God bless America.

Sluggypogo (3 points)

Huffman the spaz looks like he’s going to speak into a bbc microphone. And I don’t mean the British broadcasting company.

The__Michael (3 points)

Spez free zone!

twoscoops4america (3 points)

I just realized Spez is an FTM secret Illuminati tranny.

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VetforTrump (3 points)

Since I cannot reply on reddit, let me exercise my first amendment rights by saying..."fuck you reddit, and good riddence". Thanks for the indulgence and I'll do my best to watch my language out of respect in the future. My choice not reddit's. Commie pricks can go to hell.

megabucks (3 points)

10,000 users on this site feel the same way

Based247 (2 points)

Why didn't we do this earlier?

Barbieblonde (2 points)

Like anything, when opposed by all sides for the resources required, it takes time.

StarGirl (2 points)

Spez has Schiffy eyes.

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TexSolo (2 points)

Democrats started out acting like Nazi's, now they have moved on to literally looking like Nazis.

spkle (2 points)

Spez is looking awefully soy here ...

littlestown (2 points)

Who is the Spaz? Looks like he doesn't get much light.

Lawless (2 points)

Commies will be upset

HammerSickleBoot (2 points)

I got banned from T_D for not stop posting spez memes telling people to brigade every sub with red pills. I couldn’t lick the boots like their mods but...no, that’s it, I couldn’t do that boot licking.

AssGrenade (1 point)

It will be so easy to do cross website raids.

Hillarys_Diaper (2 points)

Wait, that's what spez looks like??? He looks faggier than I thought. I at least thought he had a beard and black hair. He just looks...... well, like a fag.

BabyRu (2 points)

Fuck Spez.

Spez is such a faggot

lunchboxx10 (1 point)

wow spez looks like such a pussy

spez-is-a-cuck (1 point)

Spez is a cuck!

YuugeNews (1 point)

Spez - the long lost member of eighties hit band 'Flock of Soiboys" very influential/underground band (and he should've stayed there, underground)

patriotblend (1 point) *

Honest question, why does it say spez by all posts in user history? Is it so we don't forget the user post hijackings of yesteryear?

spez: yup it is. Never forget the false flags of the past!

bubblegummy (1 point)


Earlie (1 point)

Here we are, with a fraction of T_D in attendance, and already the vote tallies are way higher.

Almost like they were trying to hide our true numbers HMMMMM

eagletrump2020 (1 point)

Remeber....all SJWs lie and they have to be kept out of your organizations or they will bring more SJW allies in to converge and destroy it. They are like the HIV virus...

Babycakes (1 point)


ChernobylWitness (0 points)

But they can manipulate deez nutz

Maga_faga_dingdong (-2 points)

How do we know that Reddit manipulates upvotes as opposed to our opinions being widely unpopular?