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irredeemables [S] 57 points ago

I hope this post brings some much needed clarity and context to the current impeachment hoax. In a fret of desperation, Pelosi has illegally spearheaded an impeachment inquiry despite her own house overwhelmingly opposing it on five separate occasions, with the last occurring July 16th, 2019— just months ago. That vote failed by a whopping margin (332 to 95) after her own party voted a resounding no.

Not batting an eye, Pelosi still believes she can overthrow our duly elected President, our duly elected Vice President, and then fascistically install herself as a would-be dictator.

InterloperKO 23 points ago

And on another note, the continuity of all these things happened under whose administration?

AlbertSnow 15 points ago

Oooh, oh wait, I know this one!

Oskar 9 points ago

Hint: It was the most transparent white house ever. Scandal free as well.

MrBojangels 6 points ago


Smurfection 2 points ago

Harrison J. Bounel

TheGhostOfSethRich 15 points ago

One thing your post helped clarify for me is this.

Pelosis, bidens etc are all starting, working at or attached to Ukrainian energy companies while we are giving them billions.

I bet you my dick they're siphoning American taxpayer dollars into their own accounts. We only know about two of them. This could uncover massive corruption.

We need to know how much American money goes to Ukrainian energy!

Oskar 7 points ago

I would imagine that pretty much all of the Billions in "aid" Quid Pro Joe held up was destined to come back in some way or another.

lion_streezus 3 points ago

It also brings some clarity to how powerful suppression of speech can actually be.

MrBojangels 2 points ago

What I don't get that the party lets itself be destroyed by one insane Californian

AenAllAin 2 points ago (edited)

Called it! Pelosi implicated. All the Dems dirty.

> The wicked is snared by the transgression of his lips: but the just shall come out of trouble.

> Proverbs 12:13

marsajane1949 22 points ago

This is why she all of a sudden gave into the 'Impeachment'. They were starting to get to close to her ties to Ukraine as well. Now she's desperate and going insane just like Schiff because they can't stop it.

NostalgicFuturist 8 points ago

Yeah, I can't believe even THEY believe this shampeachment thing is going to work. They're crazy-desperate, grasping at anything in sight as death approaches.

Oskar 4 points ago

No one believed Trump when he said he had it all. I'd bet a lot of people are finding themselves in Schiff and Nancy's position. Now it's too late.

WeebForTrump 22 points ago

Dems seem to always project their corruption.

marsajane1949 18 points ago

Ain't no 'seem to'... that's all they do!

PremiumPatriotPepe 7 points ago

It is crazy how consistent it is.

TommyLasordasBallBag 9 points ago

They project it to protect it

NostalgicFuturist 5 points ago

Catchy--and true

RagingCentipede 21 points ago


real news.

God Bless

YuugeNews 16 points ago

Nancy, show us your SHit Box - I'm sure it will be capable of shocking everyone

ChilledCovfefe 15 points ago

There are countries around the world that hate America. THIS IS WHY SOME OF THEM DO. They take it in the ass from our corrupt SCUM politicians on these money laundering schemes! I can't say I blame them, if we allow them to do it, we are complicit. This shit has to end.

rasulatab 15 points ago

Unrelated Comment: Wind Power barely works. Not worth the investment.

TheExtraCrispyChris 7 points ago

Yep. The emissions it takes to make one is disproportional to the good it does. The best choice for power production that is not harmful to the environment is definitely nuclear and sub nuclear. But the bastards want to take nuclear power.

DonatesOthersOrgans 5 points ago (edited)

Of course they'd hate nuclear, seeing as how it's been revealed that all these politicians seem to be involved in seedy energy companies on the side. Nuclear would give our nation true 100% energy independence, since we've got all the uranium we could ever need within our own borders, ready to be mined.

Oskar 2 points ago

What about magic energy-producing crystals?

July_1776 12 points ago

These fuckers, this is why they push the climate change propaganda, to line their own pockets. I've known this, of course, but more info like this leaking out is good.

PremAmerica 12 points ago

People are now actually linking to TD.win posts over at Reddit The Donald!!!

DeathspellOmega 12 points ago

I really want to see them all arrested. Pelosi having alcohol withdrawal in prison will be glorious and we know she doesn't have the wits about her to make hooch.

rattrigger82 10 points ago

This is the crux of the whole global warming scam. Enrich themselves by scaring the population into thinking they're going to save them.

deleted 10 points ago
AlbertSnow 9 points ago

Well, I think this explains why she has so much f'ing money from working on a politician's salary.

Side-note: can you say "fucking" on here? Not sure of the rules. PRSD (Post Reddit Stress Disorder) is a real thing!

NostalgicFuturist 7 points ago

Using govt connections to steal tax-payer money for boondoggles for private enrichment. Also, "foundations" for money-laundering. Plus the old tried-and-true whoring themselves to lobbyists foreign and domestic. Did I mention selling uranium to Putin? Half-a-million speaking fee for Bill?

They've got so many multi-layered interconnected scams going, it'll take years for the good guys to sort it all out.

Marshall 0 points ago

I have to overlook the continuous vulgar language on here. I understand the desire to indicate extreme distress at what's happening, but proper use of the English language is desirable. No colorful metaphors please Mr. Spock. You're not very good at them.

SharonaZamboni 6 points ago

There are many fake energy schemes being used to gather billions of dollars. Sick fucking frauds.

irredeemables [S] 1 point ago

You saying we can’t harvest unlimited energy from crystal boxes?? ?

DJT2020 5 points ago

They’ve been getting away with this shit for so long without anyone questioning them. Then comes along President Trump, and he is exposing these scams for what they are. As he gets closer to the truth, they scream louder, try to impeach him and sully his name and reputation. They are so afraid of being caught. We have to help and support the president whenever and wherever we can, or this country is screwed.

RedAltoids 5 points ago

I can deliver a shit-load of volts just by dragging my feet across the carpet. Should I start a green energy company?

The_Emperor 2 points ago

This guy triboelectric effects!

Kaiheitai 5 points ago

Pelosi Jr. is literally running fake science Sham-Wow! on taxpayer money. Normally the 'I Fucking Love Science!' types would be ripping this to shreds, but I guess they're busy discovering more genders.

deleted 4 points ago (edited)
OlGrizz 4 points ago

Wasn't her brother-in-law on the board of Solyndra? I would love to know how much government money, both foreign and domestic, has ended up in her family's hands.

Thrasymachus 4 points ago

Someone page Thunderfoot vis-a-vis this Crystal Energy Box (that is, if he's not too busy jerking himself off to deliberate misrepresentations of Brexit).

That said, you don't need to be a professional scam-buster to immediately recognize this as utter nonsense.

creepyjoe 3 points ago

name a better cunt and cuck duo

MawdT20 3 points ago (edited)

No wonder she's clearly been drinking more than usual.

jmscwss 3 points ago

Interesting stuff. No save option yet. Comment to bookmark.

BiglyTrumper 3 points ago (edited)

Solyndra is parallel to this, Obama admin shelled out half a billion dollars to them. It was only a 4 year old company, Went belly up, and with it, half a billion in taxpayer funds.

Ron Pelosi was connected via a subsidiary. He is also connected to SolarReserve, that one got a $737 million dollar gov't contract.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg WRT Nancy Pelosi. Her dad was mayor of Baltimore/connected guy Thomas D'Alesandro Jr. He was so crooked even JFK called him out.

In case anyone is wondering why President Trump suddenly fixated on the rats in Baltimore... he was talking about Nancy Pelosi and her family.

The bad seed is strong.

irredeemables [S] 2 points ago

I was actually going to look into that next. In the OP, one of my links is to a New York Times article about another scam company that was awarded a XPRIZE, some fake electric car company that was also a major pump and dump penny stock.

residue69 1 point ago

The Obama admin gave them a $500 million loan guarantee just in time for them to bail out their big investors before filing bankruptcy.

Solyndra's glass tube technology was overly complex and hard to manufacture. It was quickly being eclipsed by multi layer flat panels that were much easier and cheaper to build.

PatriotWon 3 points ago (edited)

So, I can't believe that at this point I believe it...

What if she also forcefully pushed for the household solar requirements in CA and then works to obtain stakes in solar companies...

Wait...she probably is doing that, eh?

I mean, it isn't illegal to vote for a ruling and then procut from that ruling, right? It would be like insider trading, except you're creating the opportunity for yourself and then profiting from it. I'm sure its fine...

Peach mints

Darkenmal 3 points ago (edited)

It's funny how every time the Left accuses someone of performing illegal activities they are the ones who have been doing it the entire time. Guilty minds and all that.

ZeeBen 3 points ago (edited)

These people never get busted just emboldened to keep doing the same shit by a lack of consequence. The Russian and French revolution had it right

irredeemables [S] 1 point ago

I literally sound like a crazy person writing this shit, I think that’s their plan. Fucking like Harry Potter level shit!

Gobberwarts 3 points ago (edited)


In case you don't remember:

Leftwingnuts privately gave 2.2 million dollars (plus another 1.5 million from Obama's government) to the morons at "Solar Freakin Roadways" and not one of them had the smarts to even suggest "Hey, why not make this a glass roof instead of a glass road?". Especially since the estimated cost is $56 trillion. ... and they're still working on it ...


Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

Famousinternetgirls 2 points ago

Maybes it's just me? I'm just shocked no children are involved

Pumpingiron_Patriot 2 points ago

We have a new runner for 2020 presidential election, so he is not investigated for corruption. Pelosi's son.

Jondeerryder 2 points ago

Wow, I hope this is investigated.

Marshall 2 points ago

It's a basic perpetual motion scam. Tesla has it's own Perpetual motion scam.

Lonnyzone 1 point ago

Investigate Pelosi, Biden and their Obama capo