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Would love to see this site have a Dark Mode option for late night MAGA Binge reading.

Would love to see this site have a Dark Mode option for late night MAGA Binge reading.
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IFOTBGTFO2 4 points ago

Phone app <3

katsumi27 2 points ago

Please ❤️

Magafactured 1 point ago

Yes – iPhone app, please?

Everyone probably already knows, but I’ll say it in case they don’t, that in iOS you can make a specific icon on your home screen from any site.

When you’re on the site, just hit share, then “put icon on home screen.“

Touching the icon will directly open the site up in Safari.

Slop 1 point ago

Phone app, new phone, new OS, etc. Can we just start our own based tech company where we value freedom and American values?

Shadowman3001 12 points ago

We haven't even touched the world of an app yet, and that's a big undertaking. In the meantime, the mobile site acts very app-like. Our front-end guy did an amazing job on it!

paloooz 2 points ago

Can you add the appropriate meta tags so when I add this to my iPhone home screen is has a proper icon? Would also give an icon when added to favorites in iPhone safari.

draintheswamp 1 point ago *

He forgot the "apple-touch-icon.png" Super easy to fix (drop one file in the root directory, and it makes the home screen bookmark look like an app. https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariWebContent/ConfiguringWebApplications/ConfiguringWebApplications.html

malthrax 1 point ago

Doubt there'll be a dedicated phone app, given Google and Apple "curate" their app stores. they'd ban it the moment it shows up.