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Would love to see this site have a Dark Mode option for late night MAGA Binge reading.

Would love to see this site have a Dark Mode option for late night MAGA Binge reading.
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Shadowman3001 (161 points)

Highjacking top comment to point out that official Dark Mode is coming very soon!

BananaWalrusWafer (38 points)

With everything you have already done for the site...and now you add extra. Many thanks :)

PatriotWon (22 points)

Haha...just realized that it says "deport" next to reply

DrBJTester (3 points)

I now can't wait to deport a shill.

jerryz (13 points)

What's it like being so damn sexy?

nunyadangbidness (7 points)

Dark mode is the first setting I looked for... now I have something else to look forward to

RiverFenix (1 point)

First thing I looked for was sub count

twinsea (6 points)

Wrote a quick Dark Mode CSS, with hover effects and fixed some spacing issues.


css ->


qmqz (4 points)

That's perfect! Thank you so much for all that you guys do!


You are a MAGA PEDE !!!


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d3plor4ble (1 point)

Default hide child comments would be soooooo nice. You rule man :)

Nellie_the_Beaut (1 point)

Those of us toiling for Trump on the West Coast salute you. 🇺🇸

Jxb-lgso (15 points)

Firefox plus dark reader add on. Works on mobile and desktop. Works on many other websites with no effort and when it does not work you can ehitelist that site.

Grady_Wilson (4 points)

Just added it to FF. Works fantastic. Thanks!!

pl1ght (1 point)

give this patriot a brick for telling us this!

Jaymoon (11 points)

PSA: On desktop, please use "Stylus" instead of the "Stylish" extension.

Stylus is a fork of Stylish that removed the shady tracking and made the interface much better to use, as well as use less resources to accomplish the same goal.


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qmqz (12 points)

Thank you! I appreciate that.

OfficerNasty (7 points)

The real MVP.

qmqz (5 points)

Thanks, pede!

katsumi27 (5 points)

Any for iOS?

qmqz (8 points)

Unfortunately it's desktop-specific. We'll have to wait for the site devs to finish everything and hopefully make an app soon that also supports dark mode.

Stylish only works on computers IIRC.

TrancePhreak (4 points)

the bests

Fame (3 points)

Wow. I just learned a thing. :D Thank you!

RedAltoids (3 points)


Slop (3 points)

Fantastic. Thanks.

Yogy_Bear (3 points)

Absolute legend.

HEXEN (2 points)

You truly are a mod god! Overnight worker here saying that Dark Mode saves his eyes! Thank you sir!

qmqz (2 points)

Hey, thank you so much! I'm not a mod, just a fellow pede looking out for other pedes. Stay safe at work!

chairgraveyard (1 point) *

Thank you for the dark mode style, works very well.

FYI, don't use Imgur, they spy on users.

GPan900 (13 points)

It's dark for me and looks nice when I use the Dark Reader extension/add-on. I have it on Chrome and Firefox.

Is there a good way to go from a post to the main page without reloading? Kinda like clicking outside the post in r/the_Donald.

Magafactured (5 points)

Dark Reader is the shit. On Mac, it’s available for both Chrome and Safari, and it has a preference to follow system dark mode, which is brilliant (or not-brilliant, if you will).

However, I still do all my reading/posting here from iOS, so +1 for the dark mode toggle option for the site.

MAGAlikethis (5 points)

I third the Dark Reader add-on. Looks fantastic here.

Frodo (9 points) *

We need dark mode

malthrax (9 points)




Jesus (3 points)

Use Dark Reader

donotclickjim (8 points)

I also liked the preview option for images so you can expand the image or video without having to click the link. I'm not complaining, just suggesting. I look forward to the day when thedonald.win surpasses Reddit's total viewership.

Shadowman3001 (6 points)

Also on the list!

I don't know about videos, but it works for images. It's not obvious.

There is a grey triangle, balanced on one corner.

However, that's only for original posts. I don't see it on comments.

gorillachannel (1 point)

I think it's called cardview.

f_bastiat (8 points)

Well this blows the white supremacists narrative out of the water, id even go as far to say dark mode is superior and we shouldn't even have a white background option.

sushicomped (6 points)

Everytime I come to this site

Retinas - seared like tunas.

FreeSpeech (5 points)

Yes, please.

Glubb-club (4 points)

Dark mode and card view please and thank you.

RagingCentipede (4 points)

Yes please!!!!

anonymous (4 points)

We would benefit from both. Most people like light mode, some prefer dark mode.

notjsocdontask (4 points)


TheSHazDroid (4 points)

I want to again say thanks to the mods for giving us a viable backup plan to use.

IFOTBGTFO2 (4 points)

Phone app <3

Shadowman3001 (12 points)

We haven't even touched the world of an app yet, and that's a big undertaking. In the meantime, the mobile site acts very app-like. Our front-end guy did an amazing job on it!

paloooz (3 points)

Can you add the appropriate meta tags so when I add this to my iPhone home screen is has a proper icon? Would also give an icon when added to favorites in iPhone safari.

draintheswamp (1 point) *

He forgot the "apple-touch-icon.png" Super easy to fix (drop one file in the root directory, and it makes the home screen bookmark look like an app. https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariWebContent/ConfiguringWebApplications/ConfiguringWebApplications.html

katsumi27 (2 points)

Please ❤️

malthrax (1 point)

Doubt there'll be a dedicated phone app, given Google and Apple "curate" their app stores. they'd ban it the moment it shows up.

Slop (1 point)

Phone app, new phone, new OS, etc. Can we just start our own based tech company where we value freedom and American values?

Magafactured (1 point)

Yes – iPhone app, please👍

Everyone probably already knows, but I’ll say it in case they don’t, that in iOS you can make a specific icon on your home screen from any site.

When you’re on the site, just hit share, then “put icon on home screen.“

Touching the icon will directly open the site up in Safari.

Sumwat (3 points)

Also on mobile we make it so clicking a thumbnail expands the image inline instead of opening the post?

MichaelHall1 (3 points)

My eyes! The dark mode extension I use in Firefox (Dark Night Mode) only works on the comments here, not the main page.

gorillachannel (3 points)

Get Dark Reader

MichaelHall1 (2 points)

Yeah, I used it previously for a long time, and I've reinstalled it now. Works fine here, but it's slow on some websites.

gorillachannel (1 point)

Wow, you’re not kidding. Especially Facebook.

WarpSpiderAutarch (3 points)

Also how do I post images on this board? I have memes

Shadowman3001 (8 points)

Upload image to magaimg->post link

collusion_illusion (3 points)

I'd love a "remove formatting" option too. Makes pede'ing at work hard when there's a giant trump banner lol

We need a The Donald is Fun app.

Darkenmal (2 points)

If we're rolling back the worst of Reddit's design decisions, we should be showing upvotes and downvotes per post again, rather then the amount of points.

PrairiePatriot (2 points)

Barron, is that you?!

Tell your Dad, Mom and siblings they need to stop by at thedonald.win. The more the merrier!!

the_federalist (2 points)

Would love to see a headcount of patriots and patriots online. Thank you much

Barbieblonde (2 points)

Saving battery lives one device at a time. I wholeheartedly agree but am very happy for this 'cracker', having been starved of food for so long, by Chicom Reddit.

Eddie Murphy bit from his stand up routine talking about how good even the most basic food is after suffering starvation (paraphrased)

"Is this a saltine? No this is a Ritz! So delicious! Thank you!"

Magafactured (4 points)

So hilarious – I remember that.

“What is this!? A saltine?!” (Nibble, nibble)


Barbieblonde (2 points)

Colleague of mine showed it to me on Youtube when he got this little tiny bonus for the first time after not getting them for years due to management decisions. He said he felt the same way and I laughed at that and how Eddie was showing that feeling perfectly, albeit while sweating to death in a full leather suit. Watched all the clips of that show and he really was the best comedian of his time.

DarthFuckinVader (2 points)

Anyone know what the numbers next to my username in the red box next to GEOTUS' patriotic stare are? I assume one is karma but not sure..

The_Expert [S] (1 point)

yes, Karma

FreedomFromGovt (2 points)

I'm using it right now. I even use it during the day. It seems fine to me--and I don't even typically use dark mode. It's available in the settings gear. Thanks dev team, ya'll are great!

gorillachannel (1 point)

And card view for the post listing. I don't want to open every thread to read it. This is significantly slowing down my upvoting.

Jikemenkins (1 point)

Yas Please!

muslimporn (1 point)

I'm really happy this stuck to the old style rather than the stupid new style where a single submission takes up the whole bloody page and everyone is treated like they're blind.

HoggRider (1 point)

I love the BLK backround. But it isn't something I feel you need to do. Easier on the eyes.

VinnyMAGA (1 point)


BrokenLeftEar (1 point)

That would be sexy

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Maven (1 point)

There are other quality of life features that are also needed. Tagging for posts is necessary, and an upvote downvote counter would increase transparency.

jubale (1 point)

My vote is for search. Need to be able to find amazing older posts.

WeinerLapTop (1 point)

I need this!

learntocode (1 point) *

Dark Mode ====> Trudeau Mode

SpaceForceOne (1 point)

I exclusively use dark mode on my redditisfun app. Just easier on my eyes.

Iescapedtoseasia (1 point)

Thanks for building this & thanks for future addition of dark mode!

thehinac (1 point)

dude need dark mode bad!

Troll (1 point)

Reddit banned dark mode in 2015.

SmartPlenty86 (1 point)

Like the dark mode. It's easier on the older eyes.

8bit_mixtape (1 point)

how do I keep myself signed in?

ThatOneRacer (1 point)

On Desktop, I can use a Browser extension to make my own dark mode, but an official dark mode would be awesome.

TrumpOrGTFO (1 point)

Dark mode please

TrumpOrGTFO (1 point)

Dark mode please

BoldFusion (1 point)

Please yes on the dark mode

PepesFatCock (1 point)

hell yeah can't wait for all the good shit coming here!

boatpotato (1 point)

Yes, and CARD mode to see the memes; and a close button instead of clicking back to ensure a screen refresh for new posts.

We need a dark mode and an app for shitposting from the toilet!

ClarenceBeeks (1 point)

Always been a fan of a that look. Uptrump incoming

youareabarbarian (1 point)

Kiwi browser on Android allows you to make any page dark mode

RodRamhard (1 point)

That AND an app that runs like Bacon Reader but can have a bit of flair like desktop. We smart phone patriots need a seamless way to jump into this world.

Vindicated2020 (1 point)

I disagree. Just focus on making the forum good and making content.

People are asking for apps, dark mode, etc... none of that is important. You want a nice clean forum to interact with others on and share info. If you do that well, that's all that matters. Youtube took like 10 years to come out with dark mode, Mac also took 10 years... you want dark mode in the first week of this websites existence?

strykrpinoy (1 point)

yas! dark mode would be great!

MAGAWookie (1 point) *

It would be great to have a "no theme mode" too. I love the design but I have to be super careful none of my cuck coworkers see this on my pc.

Taxpayerdollars (1 point)

Also a mobile app pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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nmipede (3 points)

Ol' uncle_nurgle checking to see if there are any pedes with broken sarcasm detectors. Kek!

TexasJack (1 point)

If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

Scrybblr (1 point)


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marsajane1949 (1 point)

I recommend the extension called 'Dark Reader' if you want dark mode now. A bonus is it works on all websites. It's one of my must have extensions.

Magafactured (1 point)

Same. And I just discovered that it has a preference to follow system dark mode settings, at least on the Mac.

marsajane1949 (2 points)

Yeah, man it's a well written ext. Love how easy it is when the rare occasion you can't read the words on the page, you can select the option for that page only and adjust the brightness and contrast quickly.

Magafactured (1 point)

FYI, Devs are tweaking the CSS for dark mode right now. I can’t contribute because I’m on mobile, but the post is stickied. https://thedonald.win/p/10f0N9/night-mode-test-feedback-needed/

Proper mobile apps would be great, too.

The mobile webpage is alright, but not as good as an app. Case in point, it still does silly mobile browser things like zooming in on the text entry field when you start typing. Really irritating.

malthrax (1 point)

Do you REALLY think Apple and Google will allow an app on their app stores that points to this obviously white-supermacist, patriarchical, misogynistic, islamohomophobic fascist web site?


Archangel (1 point)

Yes, we need a dark mode and a "simple" mode that removes all of the flashy graphics and pictures.

Addons work great at home, but can't use them at work.

PensivePatriot (1 point)

messaged the mods asking for this

Gramma53 (1 point)

I ageee

Donna (1 point)

I like it the way it is. So if they do a Dark Mode, I would like them to give us a choice.

GolfPr0 (1 point)

Dark Reader Extension works great with Brave Browser on iOs


Are you talking about WINNING THE LOTTO !!


Veni_Vidi_Velcro (1 point)

Yes, please! The dark mode image is beautiful and easier on the eyes. Go dark or go home!

Waicool (1 point)

mods are gods, godspeed to the modspeed, MAGA!!!

truthhammer (1 point)

Dark mode yes. Also app yes. Also ddos protection.

Grimlock (1 point)

An app would be nice too, but that can come later.

TRUMPTRAIN2024 (1 point)

Yes please!

AerialRush (1 point)

Yes please

brightfish (1 point)

Dark Mode is already in the CSS for thedonald.win.

To enable (in Chrome):

  1. F12
  2. In developer console at ">" prompt, type enableDarkMode(), then Return.
juice251974 (1 point)

we need reddit enhancement suite for this site

Jerobifromatcq (1 point)

Bro, up your extensions game! Get midnight lizard. It works wonders, you can chose any theme you want. I use this for every website I use, especially enterprise ones.

You need to get this installed today.

not_a_shill (1 point)

Dark mode is garbage.

xxxMAGA420xxx (1 point)

Dark background is easier on the eyes. Lets make it happen!

VikingHalo45 (1 point)

Moar darkness

deplorable007 (1 point)

Its easier to just adjust the screen brightness on the function keys.

I wear my sunglasses at night so need DARK MODE!