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mynewspiritclothes 6 points ago

I'm no zealot, but Christianity is up there - it is the basis for our constitution. The integration of a higher power - GOD, and Christ - into our behavioral scheme is probably the greatest thing to happen to humanity...

But it didn't "happen" as much as it was ingrained in us from the onset. The articulation of the concepts is truly something to behold.

I like how Christianity actually takes a stance. I have a strong affinity for Hinduism, but it is more of a science, more of an explication of the energy systems at play, and pretty much leaves each individual to their devices to interpret how the systems should be utilized. Christianity is brave enough to plant a flag - "You do THIS, THIS and THIS, your life will be better. You do this, this and this, your life will be worse... PERIOD."

I compare it to Nietzsche and Jung. Nietzsche was a little too smart for his own good and didn't know what to make of what he could discern of reality, was too afraid to plant his flag, because how could we mere mortals decide what is good and evil... Jung took a damn stance, planted his flag.

As did Christianity. And by God, it rings true.

loveandchill 2 points ago

Thank you for writing this! I really appreciate the thought process, and concur with it.

I grew up Christian, started to question it in my early 20's, went through some years "agnostic", and lately I've been swinging back to the realization that regardless if there is a God or not, it really is the best way to live. And I've been seeing too many "coincidental" threads playing out just right to leave it to pure chance. I'd say I'm now a "believer" again.

Thank you for helping formalize some of my thoughts.

mynewspiritclothes 1 point ago

Same here. Was raised Christian, went full-on atheist in my adolescence, but one day I decided that if God truly does exist, and I'm going leave that out of my life, that's a big freaking thing to leave out of your life, so you better make damn sure you're right about this! Once I decided that, I never looked back. I fully believe in God. Am I a full-blown Christian? No. Do I think the Bible is a history lesson? Absolutely not - and that's where a lot of atheists get lost. It's an allegory, based on some events that I do believe actually happened, but were "embellished" through story. So if you read it like you would read Moby Dick... it's actually pretty jaw-dropping in its wisdom and poetry.