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ProudAmerican 4 points ago

I’d rather see more of a disqualification type scenario to weed out those without skin in the game. Answering yes to any of these questions would prevent you from voting.

  1. Do you receive welfare of any kind?
  2. Do you have a tax exempt status?
  3. Do you have less than 3 years at any full time job?
  4. Are you an illegal immigrant?
  5. Are you in debt due to student loans which equals more than 4 years of the average salary in your field?
  6. Do you have credit card debt exceeding the level of your yearly income?

There are many more disqualifications and they all have to do with an inability to pay the taxes that support our government. However: One year in the military, at any age, would give a person the right to vote. Owning land or a home with a positive value to debt ratio would also suffice.

It’s not perfect obviously, but I think you get the gist.

DoesItWorkAlready 1 point ago

via negativa. Taleb would like it